Warm Audio has made a name for itself by faithfully recreating classic analog gear, offering a diverse portfolio that includes microphones, preamps, compressors, EQs, and effects pedals. Today, we'll dive into two exciting new releases: the ODD Box V1 and the Mutation Phasor II

The ODD Box V1 pedal takes inspiration from an iconic overdrive pedal known for its rich, full tone, while the Mutation Phasor II pedal pays homage to the experimental era of the 1970s. Continue reading to learn more about these two new additions to Warm Audio's pedal family.

Vintage King and Warm Audio sent the new ODD Box V1 and Mutation Phasor II over to 60 Cycle Hum. Watch the demo below:


Warm Audio ODD Box V1

The Warm Audio ODD Box V1, or ODD for short, is a hard-clipping overdrive pedal inspired by a iconic overdrive pedal known for its “cranked amp” tone. Whether you want to add a touch of breakup to your clean signal or totally transform your tone into something unrecognizable, the ODD Box V1 has you covered. Designed with obsessive detail, the ODD accurately recreates the classic sound of the original.

More than just a simple clone, the ODD boasts some fresh new features too, like a dedicated UK/US switch for toggling between two distinct tones. The UK setting distorts earlier, bumps the upper-mids, and increases volume for a "chimey" tone. On the other hand, the US setting provides a little more clean headroom, allowing the ODD Box V1 to act as a boost at first, aligning better with traditional tweed-based "edge of breakup" amplifier tones.

Equipped with the TLO82CP Op-Amp, 2N7000 transistors, and hand-selected capacitors and resistors, the ODD Box V1 accurately delivers the classic tone you’re looking for. Simple controls for Volume, Gain, and Tone make it easy to dial in a wide range of sounds for any genre.


Warm Audio Mutation Phasor II

Let's shift our attention to the Warm Audio Mutation Phasor II, a pedal that takes us back to the experimental era of the 1970s. Perfect for adding "instant funk" to any instrument, this electro-optical phase-shifting pedal accurately recreates the deep, swirling, and psychedelic modulation that made the original phaser famous.

One standout feature of the Mutation Phasor II is its maximum depth control. By varying the width of the sweep range, you can achieve ultra-rich swirly phase-shifting effects reminiscent of vintage all-analog pedals. Increasing the depth control widens the frequency range, impacting higher highs and lower lows, enabling you to explore a broad spectrum of modulation possibilities.

The Rate switch allows you to adjust the speed or rate of the phase-shifting effect. With settings ranging from 1/10th sweeps per second to 18 sweeps per second, you can create gentle undulations or intense waves of modulation, adding interesting dynamics to any sound.

Another intriguing feature of the Mutation Phasor II is the Feedback control. Increasing this parameter introduces electric feedback to the wet phase-shifting signal. As you turn up the feedback, the pedal produces a more intense phase sound, emphasizing the sweeps. This is especially noticeable at slower rate settings, and opens up a realm of sonic possibilities.

Built with premium components, including classic RC4558P op-amps, vintage-style diodes, carbon resistors, and film caps, the Mutation Phasor II stays true to the original 70s circuit. Housed in a rugged steel case with vintage vibes, this pedal ensures both a lush studio sound and road-worthy durability.

As with all Warm Audio gear, each pedal undergoes meticulous hand-testing and inspection by passionate technicians in Austin, TX, guaranteeing optimal performance and quality.