Recording in a world-class studio with classic vintage gear and cutting-edge technology is great, but you never know when you’ll need to capture an idea. Whether you're a seasoned producer, an aspiring artist, or a traveling musician, having portable studio gear allows you to capture your creative ideas whenever inspiration strikes. 

Continue reading to learn more about some of our favorite audio interfaces, headphones, microphones, recorders, pedals, synths, beat production tools, MIDI controllers, and step sequencers for recording on the go. Best of all, everything is priced under $500! Let’s dive in.

Audio Interfaces

SSL SSL2+ Audio Interface

This compact powerhouse delivers stunning sound quality and versatility. With its two analog inputs, you can effortlessly capture your vocals and instruments with exceptional clarity. Plus, the headphone output and intuitive controls make it easy to track on the fly.

Universal Audio Volt 476p USB Audio Interface

When it comes to top-notch audio performance, the Universal Audio Volt 476p takes the spotlight. Packed with four pristine preamps and high-resolution converters, it's a reliable companion for recording anywhere. Not to mention, its built-in DSP processing provides that extra edge, putting studio-grade plug-ins at your fingertips.

Lewitt Connect 6 DSP-Powered Dual USB-C Audio Interface

If you're looking for a professional audio interface with maximum connectivity options, check out the Lewitt Connect 6. Equipped with two high-quality microphone preamps and versatile routing capabilities, it gives you the freedom to connect and record with ease. 


Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones

Imagine stepping into a perfectly tuned virtual studio environment every time you put your headphones on. With the Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones, that dream becomes a reality. These headphones are designed to provide an immersive and realistic listening experience, ensuring you can fine-tune your mix with confidence.

Sony MDR-7506

If you're looking for a reliable pair of headphones trusted by professionals, the Sony MDR-7506 is a go-to choice. Renowned for their clear and detailed sound reproduction, these headphones excel in the studio monitoring realm. With their comfortable fit and exceptional audio performance, they make long mixing sessions a breeze.

Focal Pro Listen Professional

Designed with precision and accuracy in mind, Focal Pro Listen Professional headphones offer a balanced and transparent sound signature that reveals every nuance of your music. From the deep lows to the sparkling highs, these headphones ensure you hear your creations in their truest form.


Shure SM7B

Used on countless classic recordings, the Shure SM7B is renowned for its warm and smooth sound reproduction. Whether you're recording vocals or amplifiers, the SM7B delivers a rich and polished sound that's hard to beat.

If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, or plan to record mostly instruments, check out the classic SM57. This versatile workhorse has been a staple in the industry for decades, known for its durability and exceptional instrument capture. From drums to guitar amps, the SM57 delivers a clear and punchy sound that can handle any musical task with finesse.

Universal Audio SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphones

For those seeking transparent and detailed stereo recordings, the Universal Audio SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphones are a perfect choice. Whether you're recording acoustic instruments or drum overheads, these microphones provide a faithful representation of your sound source. 

Aston Spirit Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

With selectable polar patterns, a smooth frequency response, and impeccable transient response, the Aston Spirit is a reliable companion for capturing vocals, instruments, and everything in between. 


1010 Music Bluebox Compact Digital Mixer Recorder

Don't let its compact size fool you—the 1010 Music Bluebox Compact Digital Mixer Recorder is a powerhouse of recording and mixing capabilities. With its integrated mixer, recorder, and effects processor, it's a one-stop solution for capturing and shaping your sound. Whether you're in the studio or on the go, this versatile device will be your creative companion.

Zoom R16 16-Track SD Recorder Interface

Boasting 8 inputs, 16 tracks, built-in effects, and a drum machine, the Zoom R16 16-Track SD Recorder Interface provides a comprehensive set of tools for capturing and arranging your music. 

Tascam DP-006 Recorder

When simplicity and portability are key, the Tascam DP-006 Recorder steps in. Designed for quick and hassle-free recording, this compact device features two built-in microphones and an easy-to-use interface. Whether you're capturing song ideas on the road or recording acoustic performances, this recorder is your reliable companion.


Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Reverb Pedal

Based on the spacious sound of the Cloud algorithm in Strymon’s best-selling BigSky reverb, the new Cloudburst pedal combines easy-to-use controls with innovative features like Ensemble mode for adding a lush synthesized string section under your guitar playing.

Poly Effects Beebo Visual Modular Multi-Effects Pedal

Offering a vast array of customizable effects and a graphical interface for signal routing, the Poly Effects Beebo pedal opens up new avenues for sonic exploration. Get ready to sculpt and shape your sound like never before.

Universal Audio Dream 65 Reverb Amplifier Pedal

The Dream ‘65 Reverb Amplifier Pedal captures the timeless American tube amp sounds that shaped the music we know and love, from icons like The Beatles to modern classics like Mac Demarco. Dream '65 Pedal faithfully captures the immersive sound of real tube-powered spring reverb and vibrato, making this pedal perfect for a wide range of genres. 


Dreadbox Erebus Desktop Synthesizer

This compact analog synth packs a punch with its versatile sound-shaping options, including filters, oscillators, and modulation capabilities. Whether you're crafting punchy basslines or ethereal pads, the Erebus will be your sonic companion.

Moog Mavis Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

Looking to add that unmistakable Moog sound to your productions? The Moog Mavis synthesizer is here to fulfill your sonic desires. With its rich analog tones and easy integration, it's a perfect addition to your setup, delivering those iconic Moog timbres in a compact and affordable package.

Korg Volca FM

Embrace the world of FM synthesis with the Korg Volca FM synthesizer. This compact and portable powerhouse brings the iconic sound of FM to your fingertips, allowing you to create a wide range of electronic sounds on the go. From lush pads to biting leads, the Volca FM is your ticket to sonic exploration.

Beat Production

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK3

With its responsive pads, extensive library of sounds, and seamless integration with your DAW, the Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK3 is a versatile tool for bringing your rhythmic ideas to life.

Novation Circuit Rhythm

If you're looking for a standalone sampling and groovebox solution, the Novation Circuit Rhythm has got you covered. This versatile device lets you capture and manipulate samples, create patterns, and perform live with ease. 

Roland TR-08

Paying homage to the legendary TR-808, the Roland TR-08 brings that iconic drum machine experience in a compact and portable form. Whether you're producing electronic music or adding electronic elements to other genres, the TR-08's authentic sound and intuitive pattern programming will have you creating infectious beats in no time.

MIDI Controllers

Novation Launchkey 49 MK3

Featuring 49 velocity-sensitive keys, intuitive integration with major music software, and extensive control options, the Novation Launchkey 49 MK3 MIDI controller makes it easy to express your musical ideas. From playing melodies to tweaking parameters, this controller is your versatile companion.

Akai Professional APC Mini MKII

Designed for seamless integration with Ableton Live, the Akai Professional APC Mini MKII is a compact and intuitive MIDI controller. With its responsive pads and streamlined interface, you can launch clips, control parameters, and shape your music with precision. 

Korg NanoKontrol Bluetooth USB MIDI Control Surface

Take control of your DAW or music software wirelessly with the Korg NanoKontrol Bluetooth USB MIDI Control Surface. Its compact size and Bluetooth connectivity make it a perfect companion for musicians on the move. Effortlessly adjust faders, knobs, and buttons to fine-tune your mix and navigate your software with ease.

Step Sequencers

Arturia Keystep Pro Controller and Sequencer

The Arturia Keystep Pro is a versatile MIDI controller that combines a keyboard, step sequencer, and extensive connectivity options. From evolving melodies to intricate rhythms, the Keystep Pro has you covered.

Make Noise 0-CTRL Controller and Step Sequencer

Explore the world of modular sequencing with the Make Noise 0-CTRL Controller and Step Sequencer. With its expressive touchplate interface and flexible CV and gate outputs, it offers a hands-on and intuitive approach to creating evolving sequences. 

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Dream Machine

Brace yourself for a truly unique creative experience with the Teenage Engineering OP-Z Dream Machine. This multimedia synthesizer and sequencer go beyond traditional music production, offering multi-track sequencing, visual effects, and interactive live performances. From music to visuals, the OP-Z opens up a world of endless possibilities.

Additionally, the OP-Z pairs perfectly with Teenage Engineering’s other portable recording tools, like the TP-7 field recorder, CM-15 condenser microphones, TX-6 mixer, and OP-1 FIELD synth.

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