For over 50 years, Solid State Logic has been one of the world’s leading console manufacturers. Stretching all the way back to the iconic SL 4000 E Series console, to the modern ORIGIN series, SSL’s innovative consoles can be found in some of the world’s top recording studios.

The new SSL System T for Music adds to this legacy, combining SSL’s heritage of classic analog consoles with the brand’s cutting-edge control surfaces and pioneering surround sound technology.

Building on the groundbreaking Tempest audio engine, System T for Music has the power to tackle even the most demanding sessions with bus configurations up to 7.1.4 and 9.1.6 monitor formats. Each System T console is custom-built to your specification, ranging from 16-96 faders with available SSL SuperAnalogue I/O.

Thanks to its configurable design, this compact console can process up to 800 audio paths with unparalleled speed and control. Plus, the high-quality motorized faders and high-res multitouch screens feel great and are very responsive.

Debuting in 2023, SSL’s System T for Music is a specialized variant of the System T console that’s tailor-made for immersive and stereo music workflows. In this buyer’s guide, you’ll learn more about the System T series consoles and how they can help streamline your workflow in the studio.

SSL System T for Music

System T for Music bridges the gap between working in the box and traditional analog console workflows. Combining cutting-edge immersive audio technology with legendary SSL multichannel dynamics and EQs, System T for Music is a game-changer for mixing music.


The System T S500 is a customizable modular control surface available in standard 16+2 fader configurations, all the way up to multi operator consoles with more than 100 faders. S500 can be configured with flexible meter bridge options, dedicated master section hardware, multi-gesture touch screens, and more.

SSL System T Features

Regardless of which model you choose, each System T is optimized for immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos. Multiformat immersive and object signal paths allow for advanced production workflows. Each channel offers 3D XYZ and rotational Theta pan, plus the monitor section supports systems up to 9.1.6.

When it comes to mixing, System T delivers all of the power and sonic flexibility we’ve come to expect from SSL. Each channel and bus is fully loaded with classic SSL dynamics and EQ, plus the onboard Effect Rack gives you instant access to more than 60 additional effects and processing tools, including a 7.1.4 version of the SSL bus compressor.

Plus, with onboard dynamic automation and integrated DAW control, System T is sure to streamline your workflow. And with a standard 96 kHz sample rate and 64-bit floating point audio processing, the audio processing is way beyond the power of any DAW. 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on under the hood of System T for Music.

Tempest Engine: The Core of System T

At the heart of System T lies the powerful 'Tempest Engine' DSP, built around SSL's patented proprietary Tempest processing technology. This agile architecture allows engineers to configure channels, buses, sends, and inserts quickly and easily for any given task at sample rates up to 96kHz with 64-bit floating point clarity. The console software enables seamless patching, routing, and recallability, providing engineers with even more flexibility

Immersive by Design

System T is optimized for immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos. From standard 7.1.2 beds to fully configurable channel and bus formats up to 7.1.4, the console supports immersive mixing in its purest form. A market-leading monitor section offers up to 9.1.6 control room monitoring, while the integrated object control and 3D panning deliver a rich and immersive audio experience like no other.

Seamless DAW Control

With System T, you can seamlessly integrate with up to four Avid Pro Tools DAWs directly from the console hardware and touch screen. Assign DAW control faders anywhere across the surface, effortlessly managing DAW faders, cuts, pan, sends, and plugins using console faders, encoders, and touch screens. The S500 switchable touchscren video inputs bring the DAW display and the Atmos renderer display into the console, ensuring you're always in the sweet spot.

Dynamic Automation: A Timecode-Driven Mixing Solution

System T boasts a comprehensive onboard timecode-driven dynamic automation system purpose-built for revision-based music mixing. Its dedicated console-wide modes and per-channel protect functions enable precise automation control, accommodating as much or as little automation as needed. With unlimited mix passes and seamless integration with DAW timecode, System T empowers engineers to craft the perfect mix with ease, just as they've done on previous generations throughout the decades.

Unparalleled Digital Audio Handling

The System T Music Configuration's 64-bit floating-point processing provides unparalleled audio quality, delivering unlimited headroom and the ability to execute algorithms within a single sample. Whether operating at 48kHz or 96kHz, the console caters to modern digital production requirements while preserving the warmth and character associated with SSL's analog heritage.

Extensive SSL Production Tools

System T comes packed with a range of channel, bus, and Effect Rack processing tools, all optimized for immersive music production. Each channel and bus boasts comprehensive SSL processing, including dynamics sections, high and low pass filters, and a versatile four-band EQ. The onboard SSL Effect Rack, featuring over 60 additional effects and tools, offers ultra-low latency and dedicated DSP power to enhance your mix with precision and creativity. Think of it like a suite of SSL 'plugins' fully optimized to match your workflow at the lowest possible latency.

Digital Patch Bay and Native Dante Support

System T seamlessly integrates with SSL Network I/O, providing native Dante support with high-capacity Dante HC cards. Combined with SuperAnalogueTM mic pres and line level I/O, the console covers all your digital connectivity needs. 

The integrated Dante routing and patching control allow for easy signal connections and recallability, making the console your ultimate digital patch bay. Already have Dante devices? with System T they become part of your ecosystem and are controlled by the SSL console making the console your ultimate digital patch bay.

SSL Network I/O

The SSL Network I/O provides a comprehensive range of options for connecting mics, analog or digital devices, MADI-based systems, MIDI, and LTC. Mix and match the following modules to create a custom system that’s ideal for your studio.

  • SB32.24 - SuperAnalogue mic/line/digital I/O. 32 mic/line in, 16 line out, 4 AES I/O pairs.
  • SB16.12 - SuperAnalogue mic/line/digital I/O. 16 mic/line in, 8 line out, 2 AES I/O pairs.
  • SBi16 - SuperAnalogue mic/line I/O. 16 mic/line in. 4 GPIO.
  • SB8.8 - SuperAnalogue mic/line I/O. 8 mic/line in, 8 line out.
  • A16.D16 - SuperAnalogue mic/line/digital I/O. 4 mic/line in, 12 line in, 16 line out, 8 AES I/O pairs,4 GPIO.
  • A32 - SuperAnalogue line I/O. 32 line in, 32 line out.
  • D64 - Digital I/O. 32 AES I/O pairs.
  • MADI Bridge - MADI Dante Bridge with headphone monitoring, signal presence metering, and Video/WC clock interfacing. (Available as MM or SM fiber versions).
  • TCM1 - Classic MIDI* and LTC connectivity for System T surface, plus additional GPIO. *Note console surface also supports ipMIDI connection for networked MIDI.