Vintage King is excited to welcome our friends at Universal Audio to the Vintage King Los Angeles Showroom for an exclusive demo session showcasing the brand’s highly anticipated Universal Audio Bock Series microphones.

Join us at the Vintage King Los Angeles Showroom on Thursday, June 8 from 12-6 PM as we demo the new  Universal Audio Bock 167, Bock 187, and Bock 251 microphones. Don’t miss your only opportunity to experience these legendary mics in person before they hit the shelves this Summer!

Universal Audio Bock Series Microphones

Founded by David Bock in 2007, Bock Audio Designs developed a strong reputation for building authentic recreations of classic mics at affordable prices. David Bock's interest in vintage microphones dates back to his extensive technical experience at recording facilities including Ocean Way, Hyde Street, and Hit Factory. 

In the company’s short time, Bock Audio released a number of iconic microphones, including the Bock 167, 187, and 251. Unfortunately, after ceasing production several years ago, these mics have been extremely hard to come by—until now.

Recently, Universal Audio announced that the brand was partnering with David Bock to revive these legendary mics, using the exact same designs and components as the originals—plus a few new features. Let’s take a closer look at what each of the new UA Bock mics has to offer.

Universal Audio Bock 167 

The UA Bock 167 is a handmade, large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone that captures the classic smooth tone of the legendary U67 while offering modern sonic flexibility. With its three EQ filtering options, "fat" switch for frequency boosting, and continuously variable polar pattern, the UA Bock 167 provides enhanced dynamic range, tonal extension, and flexibility. Each microphone is hand-wired and tested to meet David Bock's exacting standards, ensuring a lifetime of exceptional recordings with its premium components and professional accessories.

Universal Audio Bock 187

Experience the classic tone of the legendary U87 with the UA Bock 187, a handmade large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone. Handcrafted at UA's Custom Shop, the UA Bock 187 captures the renowned "golden unit" tone of the iconic U87 microphones. With its large transformer, refined circuitry, and unique "fat" mode that delivers a boost between 10 Hz and 400 Hz, the UA Bock 187 enhances the classic U87 design with modern flexibility.

Universal Audio Bock 251

The UA Bock 251 is Universal Audio's flagship large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone, capturing the smooth and open tone of the iconic ELAM 251. With its German-made CK12 capsule and large output transformer, the UA Bock 251 offers extended low-frequency response and higher SPL capabilities compared to vintage 251 models. Meticulously hand-wired using premium components and accompanied by a vintage-inspired case, robust shock mount, and accessories, the UA Bock 251 is built to deliver a lifetime of harmonious recording.

Universal Audio Bock Mic Demo Event At Vintage King Los Angeles

We could not be more excited for the chance to host this exclusive Universal Audio Bock microphone demo event at the Vintage King Los Angeles showroom.

The experts at UA will be here to answer all of your gear questions. Plus, we'll have some delicious food and drinks to fuel the conversation. Don’t miss your chance to score some free swag, and even win a Universal Audio Twin X Duo!

If you have any questions about this event, are interested in purchasing Universal Audio gear, or wish to schedule a private demo session, please contact the showroom at

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