Building on the success of the acclaimed UF8 and UC1 controllers, Solid State Logic’s new UF1 ($849) single-channel DAW controller delivers unparalleled control and functionality. Whether used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with the UF8 and UC1, the UF1 offers audio engineers, producers, and musicians a powerful tool to streamline their workflow and elevate their creative process.

UF1 Single-Channel DAW Controller

The SSL UF1 boasts an array of impressive features that set it apart as a top-tier single-channel controller. With a high-quality motorized fader measuring 100 mm, users can expect precise and smooth control when adjusting levels and writing automation. 

The UF1 is also equipped with dual high-quality LCD TFT displays, including a large 4.3" TFT LCD display that provides key visual feedback. Dedicated transport controls and a weighted jog/scrub wheel allow users to navigate through sessions with ease, streamlining the editing process. 

Moreover, the UF1 is compatible with all of today’s top DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, LUNA, and Pyramix, ensuring compatibility and streamlined workflow across different platforms.

Thanks to SSL’s proprietary control technology, UF1 effortlessly integrates with the brand’s 360° Plug-in Mixer Layer. When connected, UF1 serves as a fully-featured DAW controller in a compact footprint, giving users comprehensive control over pans, sends, plug-ins, and virtual instruments.

With 46 customizable user keys, the UF1 allows users to assign their favorite DAW commands or keyboard shortcuts for quick and efficient workflow. Additionally, a secondary transport row of keys provides convenient access to essential shortcuts, such as loop on/off and click track on/off. The UF1 also features Fader Mode, enabling simultaneous control of four track volumes using the V-Pots, adding another layer of flexibility.

Expand Your SSL Ecosystem

One of the standout features of the SSL UF1 is its seamless compatibility with the UF8 and UC1 controllers. When combined, these controllers create the ultimate SSL DAW control system. 

The UF1 serves as an expansion to the UF8, enhancing its functionality and providing an additional single-channel control surface. With the UF1 and UF8 working in harmony, audio professionals can enjoy unparalleled control and flexibility in their workflow.

The UF1 also perfectly complements the SSL UC1 plug-in controller with direct access to 360°-enabled channel strip parameters on the Plug-in Mixer Layer, allowing users to manipulate channel strips such as Channel Strip 2 and 4K B. Plus, the UF1's Master mode for the Plug-in Mixer allows for control of a different channel strip than the one selected on the UC1, expanding the creative possibilities even further.

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New SSL Meter Plug-In Included For Free

Each UF1 controller comes bundled with the new SSL Meter plug-in, a comprehensive metering solution that’s tailor-made for the 360° Plug-in Mixer and UF1 hardware. 

Digital true peak and RMS meters provide accurate measurement of audio levels, while phase and balance tools like the Lissajous Phase Scope and Stereo Left-Right Balance ensure precise imaging and sound placement. 

Meter also includes analog meters in VU and PPM modes, allowing users to choose their preferred display style. Additionally, the real-time analyzer provides various averaging times, peak hold time, and analysis source selection for in-depth audio analysis.