With a wide range of microphones designed in collaboration with musicians, producers, and engineers, LEWITT has quickly become one of the fastest-growing microphone companies in the market. 

Tailor-made for vocal recordings, the brand’s new PURE TUBE mic combines the sound of classic tube mics with an innovative new circuit for unparalleled performance. Read on to learn how the mic’s custom signal path, hand-selected tubes, and transformer-based filter can help bring out the most in your vocal recordings. 

LEWITT PURE TUBE Condenser Microphone

When it comes to vocal recordings, LEWITT’s PURE TUBE mic stands in a league of its own. Combining a gold-sputtered 1-inch true condenser capsule with an all-new circuit design, PURE TUBE adds depth, intimacy, and warmth to your voice. Plus, the transformer-based filter expertly balances the proximity effect, resulting in crystal-clear vocal recordings.

What sets the PURE TUBE mic apart is its unique signal path, designed for ultra-low noise performance. Unlike conventional studio microphones, this PURE TUBE’s signal path is free from semiconductors and capacitors, allowing you to experience the full character of the hand-selected tube. With an ultra-low noise floor of 7 dB (A), even heavy post-processing in contemporary music production won't compromise your signal quality.

Speaking of signal quality, the mic’s hand-selected ECC82/12AU7 tubes are sure to give your vocal recordings a timeless tone. Combined with its innovative circuitry and high-quality components, PURE TUBE offers the sound of classic tube mics without any of the technical drawbacks.

Plus, the PURE TUBE Studio Set comes bundled with LEWITT’s custom shock mount and pop filter. The fully adjustable shock mount effectively absorbs unwanted vibrations, ensuring your recordings are free from excess noise. Additionally, the acoustically transparent pop shield eliminates plosives for clean and clear vocal recordings.