BURL Audio owner and designer Rich Williams has always believed the best way to show off the Mothership converter system is by taking it straight to the people. That's why Rich is heading back on the road after a three-year hiatus as a part of The Flight of the Mothership 2023 tour.

Throughout the month of May, Rich and the BURL Audio crew will be taking over studios all over America to demonstrate the power of the Mothership. Each event starts at 6 PM with a listening session from 7 PM to 8:30 PM, followed up by some Q&As with the man himself.

For the listening portion of these events, attendees will participate in a multitrack A/B test between the B80 Mothership and a set of competitor converters. The band will be recorded with mic pre splits going to both sets of converters that run through a switch box and then feed into the studio's console. A mix will be created, and each attendee will get to sit in the sweet spot and control the A/B test for themselves.

Here's a list of those tour dates:

The Flight of the Mothership 2023

- May 3 / East West Studios / Los Angeles, California

- May 9 / Arlyn Studios / Austin, Texas

- May 11 / Third Man Records / Detroit, Michigan

- May 25 / Blackbird / Nashville, Tennessee*

*Date and venue have been updated since the original post. This is the correct info!

- May 23 / 4U Recording / Memphis, Tennessee

- May 25 / Fame Studios / Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Want a preview of what's to come? Check out the Vintage King Workflow: EastWest Studios mini-doc below to find out why the classic studio chose the BURL Audio Mothership for its control room.

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