Universal Audio just added three new premium stompboxes to their UAFX line: the Del-Verb Ambience Companion, Galaxy '74 Tape Echo & Reverb, and Max Preamp & Dual Compressor.

Del-Verb combines three classic delays and three reverb models, while Galaxy ‘74 offers spacy tape echo and spring reverb, and Max lets you shape your dynamics and tone by combining two compression stages and a tube preamp/EQ stage.  

All three UAFX pedals feature dual stereo processing engines, allowing you to mix and match vintage gear emulations to create an impressive range of tones with tons of analog flavor.

The UAFX Control app opens up even more possibilities, giving you access to additional features for each pedal, along with preset management, firmware updates, and more. Between these three great-sounding and high-utility stompboxes, you’re sure to find something to elevate your pedalboard. 

We recently had the chance to check out the new UAFX pedals with some of our friends at the Vintage King Nashville Showroom. Watch our latest batch of demos below to hear what the new UAFX Del-Verb, Galaxy '74, and Max pedals can do!

Performances by Leilani Kilgore, Rachel Brandsness, Elizabeth Cannon, Cody Angel, and Kevin Schuck. Engineered by Cody Angel.

UAFX Del-Verb Ambience Companion

Packing six of the most beloved reverb and delay effects based on iconic vintage hardware, Del-Verb is an excellent addition to any pedalboard. With dual stereo processing engines, you can creatively combine reverbs and delays to achieve a wide range of textures from subtle spaciousness to psychedelic clouds of echo. The Delay side features three must-have effects first featured on the UAFX Starlight Echo Station, including the Maestro EP-III tape echo, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, and UA's modern-sounding Precision Delay.

Meanwhile, the Reverb selection includes three authentic emulations from the UAFX Golden Reverberator: a legendary mid-’60s spring tank, a classic German plate reverb, and a sought-after ‘80s digital reverb processor. The left footswitch engages the Delay effect, while the right engages Reverb and controls Tap Tempo function. The Time, Feedback, Mix, Color, Mod, and Reverb controls allow you to easily dial in the ideal sound. The UAFX Control app offers custom voicings for each effect and gives access to advanced settings such as dual-mono mode and optional spillover and trails.

UAFX Galaxy '74 Tape Echo & Reverb

Modeled on the iconic Roland Space Echo tape delay and reverb unit, Galaxy ‘74 offers warm repeats with natural tape-like wow and flutter, authentic spring reverb, and the potential to create far-out warped and oversaturated sounds. But Galaxy ‘74 doesn’t stop there—with doubled delay times and a tap tempo feature, you can also create rhythmic subdivisions not possible on the original unit. The top row of knobs features standard Rate, Feedback, and Volume controls, while a Main/Alt switch gives access to Bass, Treble, and Tape Age controls and the three-position Head switch gives you even more creative options. 

The spring reverb section adds lush, cavernous reverberation to your sound with a Dwell control to add even more spaciousness. Thanks to the dual stereo processing engines, you’re free to combine echo and reverb effects or use just one or the other. Just like the Del-Verb, Galaxy 74’s two footswitches allow you to independently bypass the Echo and Reverb sections as well as control the Tap Tempo function. The UAFX Control app unlocks Galaxy ‘74’s full potential by letting you tweak footswitch settings, adjust realtime effects, and customize unique oscillation sounds.

UAFX Max Preamp & Dual Compressor

Combining two independent compressor circuits and a colorful preamp stage, Max is the ultimate front-end for your pedalboard. Both compressor circuits feature the same three options to mix and match or double up: choose from the classic FET compression of the UA 1176, the soft and gentle limiting of the Teletronix LA-2A, or the aggressive and dirty sound of the Dyna Comp. The center switch determines which of the two compression engines the Comp, Attack, Decay, and Ratio knobs affect, the footswitches allow you to independently toggle each one or off. 

Last but not least, the Preamp stage models the legendary UA 610 tube preamp/EQ unit, with one knob for gain and optional EQ control via the UAFX Control app. The app also gives access to serial/parallel switching and a sidechain bass filter. With three iconic compressors and a legendary tube preamp at your disposal, Max gives you a vintage studio-worthy signal chain in a pedal-sized package.

Additional Features

All three pedals feature silent switching and buffered bypass for seamless toggling and effect switching without pops or other artifacts. Del-Verb and Galaxy ‘74 also offer analog dry through, optional spillover/trails, and switchable stereo/dual-mono operation. Plus, you can dial in advanced settings using dedicated apps for each pedal for added functionality.

Kevin SchuckIf you have any questions about the Universal Audio UAFX Del-Verb, Galaxy, or Max—or would like to purchase any for your studio—please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160