Trinnov Audio, one of the leading forces in loudspeaker and room optimization technology, just introduced the latest addition to the Optimizer family: NOVA. Pegged to become one of 2023’s most popular products, NOVA is a compact, powerful, and flexible Optimizer that makes it easy to get the most out of your studio.

Plus, as one of Trinnov’s most affordable monitor management and calibration systems, NOVA makes the brand’s innovative Optimizer technology more accessible to engineers and producers working in studios of all sizes.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the new Trinnov Audio NOVA Optimizer and how it stacks up against some of the brand’s other popular products. Let’s get started! 

A reliable monitoring system is one of the most important elements of any studio. Since 2005, producers and engineers all around the world have trusted Trinnov’s industry-leading Optimizer technology to ensure their mixes will translate to any system. But don’t take our word for it—here’s what top-tier mastering engineer Pete Lyman has to say about Trinnov’s Optimizer technology:

“A tool that allows you to get the job done without anything obscuring your vision. It takes the room out of the equation. For me, this is the way to get world-class results almost anywhere.”

Trinnov Audio NOVA Optimizer

Trinnov’s new NOVA Optimizer makes the brand’s cutting-edge Optimizer technology more affordable (and portable) than ever. But don’t let it’s compact size fool you, NOVA is deceptively powerful and covers all your monitoring needs from stereo to 5.1.

Just like all of Trinnov’s Optimizer solutions, NOVA makes it easy to connect, align, and seamlessly switch between sources and multiple sets of monitors. An array of analog and digital I/Os enable you to connect all of your devices, including multiple sets of speakers, your audio interface, and dedicated inputs for Trinoov’s 3D Measurement Mic and La Remote hardware controller. You can also use NOVA as your main audio interface along with the Dante virtual sound card for direct DAW-to-monitoring integration.

Plus, NOVA is Avid EUCON compliant, allowing for advanced monitoring control and integration with today's top production tools. NOVA can be set up either as a full monitoring controller on multiple speakers sets with source selection and summation or as a discreet embedded audio insert processing toolbox in the loudspeaker path.

Best of all, NOVA is designed to scale with your studio. Onboard bass management enables seamless subwoofer integration with single and dual sub configuration options, and even let’s you share the same subwoofers across multiple monitor sets in an instant. And through Trinnov’s license system, you can upgrade from two to six channels for advanced playback systems.

Trinnov’s New Generation Of Hardware

Designed for professional audio engineers, producers, and studio owners who demand the best in audio processing technology, NOVA is the first of a new generation of Trinnov products that redefines the way audio processors are designed.

Crafted over four years of meticulous research and development, NOVA features an entirely redesigned hardware platform that combines greater modularity, higher performance, and enhanced reliability. With native support for Audio-over-IP, NOVA's new hardware was also designed with the user experience in mind, enabling for more streamlined setup and day-to-day operations.

At the heart of NOVA's innovative new design is a revolutionary new hardware architecture that provides more modularity and possibilities in terms of product development. With the ability to make PC-less and fan-less products, such as NOVA, this new architecture allows for optimum efficiency, reliability, and transportability.

Another critical development in NOVA's design is the redesign of the Trinnov Audio Core, the main audio component of our products. The new TAC2 is five times smaller than the previous one, yet comes with added features and better performance, providing unparalleled audio processing capabilities. In addition, the AD/DA section has also been redesigned around ESS Sabre chipsets, reducing noise and distortion levels at all frequencies for more accurate monitoring.

NOVA's custom Linux-based operating system has also been entirely re-engineered, optimizing hardware performance, security, upgradability, and network management. This operating system drives NOVA's new audio core, which is more compact, efficient, and handles the audio processing thanks to its built-in ARM processor.

Finally, NOVA's measurement microphone has been improved with your needs in mind. With phantom power and integrated memory, it enables a more streamlined calibration process, removing the need to manually import the microphone compensation file. It connects to its dedicated etherCON connector and can be used with any CAT6 network cable.

With its groundbreaking new design and unparalleled audio processing capabilities, NOVA is the ultimate speaker management and calibration software for professional audio engineers, producers, and studio owners who demand the very best in audio processing technology.

For more information about Trinnov’s Optimizer technology, check out our Trinnov Audio Buyer’s Guide.

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