Building on the success of the beloved RNDI direct box, Rupert Neve Designs' new RNDI-8 is exactly what it sounds like—eight channels of RNDI, bundled conveniently into a 1RU format. Utilizing custom wound transformers, the RNDI imparts rich harmonics that give it that unmistakable Rupert Neve sound—big, impactful, and focused.

With over 25,000 units on the market since 2015, the RNDI is swiftly becoming its own industry standard, pairing high-end design specs with robust build quality. The choice of engineers both on stage and in the studio, the RNDI’s Class A topology offers smooth sound and ultra-low impedance output, allowing for longer cable runs without audio degradation. Now, with the new RNDI-8, users have the ability to run a whole stage's worth of direct sources to one compact unit.

Known to many as the Father of Modern Recording, Rupert Neve has been responsible for many of the classic gear designs that have defined the sound of rock and roll, from the legendary 1073 to the 2254 and more. Having designed for Focusrite, Amek, and others after his time designing for AMS Neve, Rupert eventually settled with his own venture for modern designs—thus, the Texas-based Rupert Neve Designs was born. Bringing us modern classics like the Shelford Channel and 5088 console, Rupert’s work has continued to define the sound of records, both modern and classic. Amongst other icons, the RNDI has made a name of its own as a reliable and great-sounding direct box for anything from guitars and synths, to acoustic instruments and more.

Perfect for touring stage rigs, studios, and more, the new RNDI-8 offers the sound of one of the industry's most popular direct boxes in a convenient multichannel format. Housed in a compact, rack-mountable design, the RNDI finds itself at home both in side-stage input racks as well as studio control rooms. Discrete FET amplifiers in each channel make for a vibrant, natural sound all the way from 5 Hz to a stunning 90 kHz, while the custom transformers provide superior isolation and enrich the signal with harmonic content. Enormous headroom (up to +21 dBu) allows the RNDI-8 to handle line-level sources and even the hottest of amps without fear of clipping. In fact, with the onboard Speaker switch, the RNDI-8 can handle the powered output from a 1000-watt amp, allowing users to capture the tone of their favorite amplifiers, even down to the output stage.

Whether your intended use is onstage with a touring production, or you’re a recording engineer wanting the best direct front end possible, the RNDI-8 opens up possibilities for a more lush direct sound as well convenient routing options. Go direct from your favorite bass, run your guitar amp’s powered output through, or simply allow for parallel processing and “re-preamping” of your captured sounds in the mix stage. Saving space that multiple DIs would take up, the sleek rack unit allows for central control of multiple signals in unison. Using the same circuit design that made the RNDI a hit, the new RNDI-8 retains the important features while offering greater flexibility. Specs aside, the rich and musical tonality serve as an immediate reminder of the Rupert Neve heritage, and the modern appointments make the new offering even easier to use in a contemporary performance setting.

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