Adding to the rapidly growing market of boutique desktop audio interfaces, Neumann has just released their first offering: the MT 48. But Neumann didn’t enter the market just because they could—instead, they had a specific goal in mind: to give users a way to capture the full quality of their world-class microphones and optimize performance when driving their speakers and headphones.

Developed in collaboration with digital audio experts Merging Technologies, the MT 48 promises unparalleled dynamic range on the input, along with ultra-low-impedance headphone outputs and plenty of expandability via digital I/O. And, with its large color touchscreen, the MT 48 gives you access to settings, routing, mixing, and DSP effects right at your fingertips – no more jumping between hardware and software. As Neumann puts it, “The MT 48 is the missing link in the Neumann universe, connecting microphones, loudspeakers, and headphones to create the perfect studio.”

In our latest First Listen video, we hit the studio with Adam Hambrick, Tucker Wilson, and the VK Rascals to record a song using the new Neumann MT 48 audio interface. Check out the video below, engineered by Vintage King Audio Consultant Lisa LaFountaine at the Vintage King Nashville Showroom.


Neumann MT 48

The MT 48’s greatest strength is its crystal-clear input stage. According to Neumann, their mics are capable of capturing up to 131 dB(A) dynamic range, which heretofore has been limited by interfaces that provide a maximum range of 123 dB(A). Thanks to Merging Technologies’ state-of-the-art A/D converters, the MT 48 provides up to 136 dB(A) of dynamic range (believe it or not, that extra 13 decibels gives you more than four times the range of other interfaces). Additionally, the dual mic preamps offer extreme clarity with up to 78 dB of gain and vanishingly low 0.0003% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)—perfect for low-output ribbon and broadcast-style dynamic mics that need plenty of clean gain.

On the output, ultra low-impedance headphone outputs provide maximum performance for premium headphones such as Neumann’s NDH line. The line outputs provide plenty of headroom for active monitors like the popular Neumann KH Series. Digital I/O including ADAT, S/PDIF, AES, and Ravenna makes it easy to expand your setup by adding preamps, converters, and other peripherals while using the MT 48 as the control center. MIDI I/O is provided via ¼” TRS with an optional DIN5 adapter (sold separately).

While sound quality is top of mind for Neumann, they didn’t neglect the all-important ease of use factor. The MT 48’s front panel features convenient controls for commonly used features, including a large rotary encoder and buttons for talkback, muting, and monitor switching, plus a large, full-color touchscreen for easy access to the rest of the functions and settings. Unlike other popular interfaces, the MT 48 doesn’t require any routing or monitor mixing software—everything can be controlled from the unit itself, even without a computer connected.

The MT 48’s onboard processing includes a four-band EQ and multipurpose dynamics processor including gate, compressor, and limiter functions for each channel, as well as a high-quality reverb processor. And, with Neumann’s Dual Output Technology, you can record your tracks with and without effects at the same time for maximum flexibility. Neumann assures that there is ample DSP power on tap for future updates, making the MT 48 a solid choice that can evolve as your studio grows.