Neumann’s KH 120 A proved a popular choice for home and project studios—easily making our list of the best-selling monitors of 2022and its follow-up, the KH 120 II, improves on it in just about every way.

Following the same time-tested design philosophy, Neumann engineers have enhanced the II model with deeper bass, greater resolution and accuracy, higher output, and advanced digital signal processing (DSP). With a compact footprint and tons of versatility, the KH 120 II is an excellent choice for small mixing rooms, multichannel immersive monitoring systems, and even makeshift control rooms for on-location and broadcast mixing. 

Neumann KH 120 II

Just like its predecessor, the KH 120 II features a 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, but its frequency range has been extended down to 44 Hz with exceptionally linear response (±3 dB) all the way up to 21 kHz. Thanks to its advanced, DSP-controlled crossover system, the II achieves linear phase response (±45 degrees) in the critical range between 120 Hz and 16 kHz. Plus, Neumann’s Mathematically Modelled Dispersion waveguide guarantees a wide sweet spot while minimizing desk reflections. Add all that together, and you’ve got extreme accuracy in the frequency and time domains.

The DSP engine also provides Automatic Monitor Alignment, which (when used with the Neumann MA-1 microphone) allows you to easily optimize the monitor’s frequency response for the best performance in your mixing environment. Bass, Low-Mid, and Treble switches allow you to further tailor the sound. And, because it shares a similar tonal profile with other Neumann monitors, the KH 120 II is the perfect way to expand a stereo or multichannel setup into an immersive monitoring system for spatial audio formats such as Dolby Atmos.

With analog, S/PDIF, and AES67 connectivity (on the AES67 variant), the Neumann KH 120 II is ready to interface with any system. Integrated redundant AES67 networked audio are fully compliant with professional broadcast standards such as ST 2110, ST 2022-7 redundancy, and RAVENNA. The monitor is also compatible with DANTE-generated AES67 network streams. Whatever your monitoring situation, there’s a good chance the Neumann KH 120 II will fit right in.