The big show is nearly over and NAMM 2023 has been one for the books. We’ve seen a lot of amazing gear over the past few days, from cutting-edge audio interfaces and innovative new studio gear to vintage microphone reissues and fresh takes on classic outboard designs. But for us, these top 10 products take the cake. Check out our videos below to learn more about each of the products, plus a few of our favorite photos from the show floor.

Top Ten New Releases From The NAMM Show 2023

Antelope Audio’s Immersive Audio Gear

Antelope Audio surprised everyone at this year’s NAMM Show with three new products designed to work together in immersive audio workflows.  Up first is the Atlas i8, Antelope’s first studio monitor. Atlas i8 features two 8" woofers in a sealed isobaric configuration to produce tight and coherent frequencies down to 35Hz, making them compact and still maintaining optimal performance in the low end. Plus, they can also be ceiling or wall-mounted using an optional mounting plate for surround sound and immersive setups. There's also a new monitor controller called the MRC, and we'll surely get more details in the months to come. Oh, did we forget to mention that Antelope also unveiled the new Orion32+ Gen 4 audio interface? In addition to increased connectivity (with up to 128 channels of I/O at 192kHz via Thunderbolt 3), the new Orion32+ Gen 4 supports surround and immersive audio monitoring, as well as speaker calibration functionality, allowing for even more precise audio reproduction in multichannel studio environments. These features make the Gen 4 a powerful tool for producers and engineers looking for the ultimate in high-fidelity audio processing and monitoring.

Avid Pro Tools | MTRX II

Avid’s new Pro Tools | MTRX II builds on the best-selling MTRX series with additional connectivity (including options for Pro Tools, Core Audio DAWs, and Avid control surfaces), as well as advanced monitoring support from standard stereo to multistem Dolby Atmos summing. Additionally, the MTRX II is equipped with Avid's renowned DAD mic preamps and class-leading AD/DA converters, ensuring crystal-clear recordings and mixes. With 64 channels of DigiLink I/O, 256 channels of Dante I/O, 64 channels of MADI I/O, and Word Clock I/O, the MTRX II can handle any workflow thrown its way. It's also fully modular, enabling users to customize the interface with all the I/O they need, including mic/line, Thunderbolt 3, AES3, additional DigiLink, Dante, and more using eight option card slots.

Trinnov NOVA Processor

Trinnov's new NOVA Optimizer brings the brand's state-of-the-art Optimizer technology to a more affordable and portable package. But make no mistake, NOVA may be small, but it packs a punch, delivering full monitoring capabilities from stereo to 5.1. Just like all of Trinnov's Optimizer solutions, NOVA simplifies the process of connecting, aligning, and switching between sources and multiple sets of monitors. A variety of analog and digital I/Os allow you to connect all your devices, including multiple sets of speakers, your audio interface, and dedicated inputs for Trinnov's 3D Measurement Mic and La Remote hardware controller. You can also use NOVA as your primary audio interface alongside the Dante virtual sound card for seamless DAW-to-monitoring integration.

Neumann MT 48 Audio Interface and KH 120-II Studio Monitors

Just before the start of the 2023 NAMM Show, Neumann, the monolithic microphone company, unveiled its first audio interface: the MT 48. Developed in collaboration with digital audio experts Merging Technologies, the MT 48 is a versatile USB, ADAT, and AES67-enabled audio interface designed to complement Neumann’s best-selling microphones and studio monitors. The MT 48 features class-leading AD/DA converters, two studio-quality mic/line preamps, and powerful onboard DSP, all controlled using an intuitive touchscreen interface. Also new from Neumann this year was the KH 120-II studio monitor. Based on Neumann’s first studio monitor, the best-selling KH 120, the new KH 120-II has received an impressive upgrade with improved bass, resolution, and DSP power. Boasting a linear frequency response from 44 Hz to 21 kHz, the KH 120 II delivers incredible precision and clarity. The DSP engine enhances performance and enables automatic room alignment. Despite its small format, the monitor produces deep low-end frequencies down to 44 Hz and offers a high maximum SPL. Analog and S/PDIF connectivity are standard, with optional AES67 connectivity. 

Flock Audio Patch VT and CX Module

The newest addition to the PATCH series, the Flock Audio PATCH VT Patchbay, boasts 128-point connections (64 inputs/64 outputs) in the rear panel using the DB-25/D-SUB Tascam standard pinout format connectors. On the front panel, there are two combo TRS/XLR inputs and two XLR outputs, making it effortless to connect your favorite gear. The PATCH VT also features 32 assignable independent channels of 48V phantom power and the ability to create, store, and recall routings quickly using the PATCH APP and PATCH APP DX routing software. If you need more routing flexibility for your analog audio signals, the CX Standalone Module is the ideal solution. This eight-channel standalone module is compatible with all PATCH series models and can route all types of analog audio signal levels—including mic-level signals! The CX features eight mic/instrument level XLR/TRS combo inputs and eight line-level outputs, with eight assignable independent channels of 48V phantom power. 

Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500

Carnaby 500 is the world's first analog EQ that uses harmonic saturation to boost and cut frequency content, resulting in truly magical and harmonically-enriched EQ effects. But what sets Carnaby 500 apart from the rest is its game-changing 'saturation-core' technology that delivers genuine analog harmonic saturation and enhances your tracks in ways you've never imagined. It's got the feel, familiarity, and control of an equalizer, making it easy for you to dial in the sound you're after. Each band has 10dB of boost/cut and sweepable and overlapping frequency controls, with a unique blend of harmonic content tailored to its frequency range. The result? Perfectly balanced warmth and clarity that's sure to elevate your audio to new heights.

Pope Audio PRE-BX 500 Series Mic Pre

The Pope Audio PRE-BX Mic Pre is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to 500 series preamps. This high-quality analog mic pre boasts an API-style input paired with a Carnhill output transformer, delivering unparalleled clarity and warmth. Featuring two GAR2520 Opamps and a switchable 600/150-ohm input impedance, the PRE-BX makes it easy to dial in the sound you’re looking for during any session. The BAX EQ section is equally impressive, utilizing the same curves as the BAX 2020 for precise and effective tonal shaping.

Amphion One25A

Our friends at Amphion also surprised showgoers with the brand’s first active speakers, the new Amphion One25A studio monitors. These high-end three-way studio monitors deliver everything we’ve come to expect from Amphion; advanced acoustic design, simple signal path, naturalness, and high-level resolution. The innovative sealed dual cabinet is a standout feature that helps improve the clarity of all frequencies by separating the midrange from the hexagon-shaped bass enclosure, which eliminates standing waves. The monitor's design also offers plenty of amplifier headroom, an elegant simple active crossover, and a protection limiter that's only in the signal path when needed.

Heiserman Audio H251 Tube Condenser Microphone 

A painstakingly accurate recreation of the legendary AKG C12 microphone, Heiserman's new H251 Tube Condenser Microphone delivers all of the warmth punch, and brilliance we've come to expect from the beloved mic brand. Equipped with a custom Generation-4 Heiserman Hk12 capsule, a 6072 vacuum tube, and the T14/1 transformer, the H251 is a true-to-original recreation. But don't take our word for it—hear what Heiserman Audio CEO Dave Wheeler has to say about the brand's new mic.

Kali Audio SM-5-C Studio Monitors and WS-6.2 Subwoofer

Kali Audio made big waves at this year's NAMM show with the brand's new flagship SM-5-C passive monitor, which combines the spatial imaging benefits of a point-source monitor with the neutral frequency response of a three-way system. Featuring an acoustically-optimized cabinet, unobtrusive design, and flexible mounting options, the SM-5-C integrates seamlessly into a range of applications, from immersive and spatial audio mixing facilities to dedicated stereo listening rooms. Kali also showed off the brand's new WS-6.2 subwoofer at this year's NAMM Show. Tailor-made for rounding out the ".2" in your Kali immersive audio rig, the new WS-6.2 is a powerful 1000-watt subwoofer with dual 6.5" drivers and a low-noise port tube. The WS-6.2 also features selectable crossover modes, polarity inversion, a dedicated footswitch jack, and built-in limiter circuit for protecting your sub (and your ears!).

Honorable Mentions

And that’s just some of the amazing gear we saw at the 2023 NAMM Show! We’re also really excited about the new Neve 1073OPX with ADAT/USB Card bundle, Ex Machina Titan studio monitors, NTP DAD AX Center Thunder Core Audio Interface, Grace Designs’ REX, and ROXi preamp pedals, Rupert Neve Designs’ RNDI-8 eight-channel DI, and so much more! In addition to all this pro audio gear, there was also some incredible new DJ gear at NAMM 2023, including the Pioneer DJ OPUS QUAD DJ System and DDJ-FLX10 DJ controller. Want to learn about even more gear from the 2023 NAMM Show? Check out our New Gear From NAMM 2023 blog, featuring wrap-up videos from each day of the show, highlighting some of our favorite gear from the show. Check out all of our videos from the 2023 NAMM Show below: