Kali Audio has just announced the brand’s new flagship SM-5-C passive monitor. With a three-way design featuring a 5-inch woofer and coincident midrange and high-frequency drivers, the SM-5-C combines the spatial imaging benefits of a point-source monitor with the neutral frequency response of a three-way system. 

Also featuring an acoustically-optimized cabinet, unobtrusive design, and flexible mounting options, the SM-5-C delivers the sonic accuracy expected by professional engineers and audiophiles alike—all while integrating seamlessly into a range of applications, from immersive and spatial audio mixing facilities to dedicated stereo listening rooms.

Kali SM-5-C

Like Kali’s Independence Series monitors, the SM-5-C features coaxial midrange and high-frequency drivers for point-source sound in the critical frequency range above 280 Hz. The offset 5-inch woofer’s optimized placement and crossover frequency mean that it is never out of summation with the midrange, effectively making the SM-5-C a full-range point source monitor for all practical purposes. The result is an extremely accurate soundstage, which is equally important in stereo, surround, and spatial monitoring configurations such as 7.1.4 for Dolby Atmos.

Kali put a lot of thought into the design of the cabinet, as well. The baffle around the midrange driver blends seamlessly into the face of the speaker cabinet, which helps eliminate artifacts in the frequency response and reinforces the SM-5-C’s excellent imaging characteristics.

The 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter features a unique geometry that prevents high-Q ultrasonic resonance, reducing harshness and fatigue. Additionally, the low-frequency port tube extends the speaker’s range to 39 Hz and has been optimized to reduce turbulence, eliminating low-frequency distortion and “chuffing” sounds. The woofer’s magnetic flux-reducing design further reduces the chance of distortion.

As impressive as the SM-5-C’s design and specs are, its adaptability is one of its greatest strengths. Mounting points on the top and bottom of the speaker allow for a variety of installation configurations using a custom U-bracket from Triad-Orbit or any speaker mount with a 4.25-by-2-inch bolt pattern and 21 lb capacity.

The SM-5-C can be used with any suitable amplifier, but it’s meant to be paired with LEA Connect Series amps for optimal performance (SM-5-C tuning files are available for download from kaliaudio.com). And, because LEA Connect amps are available with Dante networked audio, they’re an ideal choice for large multichannel systems. If you’ve been looking for a speaker with stunning accuracy, flexibility, and a price point that makes sense for your business, check out the Kali SM-5-C today.

Stephen EarnestIf you have any questions about the Kali SM-5-C, or would like to purchase one for your studio, please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.