Often referred to as “modern classics,” Soyuz microphones have unique personalities that perform similarly to microphones manufactured in the 1960s. With a warm, responsive, and clear sound, the 1973 FET condenser mic combines vintage vibe and handmade quality with modern components for excellent performance and musicality. This month, we’re teaming up with our friends at Soyuz to give away a free 1973 FET mic to one lucky winner! Learn how to enter below.

Congrats to our winner, Chris L!

Soyuz 1973 FET Condenser Mic

The 1973’s transformerless FET design and precision-engineered capsule deliver full sound that’s present in the midrange without sounding “boxy,” open and airy in the top-end and anchored in the low-end with no boomy or muddy bass.

The 1973 is built around an upgraded version of the S23 capsule from Soyuz’s popular 023 Bomblet microphone, which itself is a redesign of the classic AKG C12 capsule with three backplates for increased sonic consistency. This time around, Soyuz engineers have added a built-in resonator that reduces unwanted resonance and helps mitigate distortion from plosives, making the 1973 an excellent choice for vocals and voiceover. 

The transformerless FET design gives the 1973 the lowest self-noise of any Soyuz microphone, providing extremely quiet performance for capturing the nuance of soft vocals and acoustic instruments. A switch on the bottom of the microphone gives you the option of engaging a -10 or -20 dB pad, protecting the mic from distortion when recording louder sources.

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