If you're an audio enthusiast or a professional sound engineer, then you probably know about Cranborne Audio—the UK-based audio equipment manufacturer known for their exceptional audio interfaces and preamps. But their latest release, the Carnaby 500, takes things to a whole new level.

Carnaby 500 is a 3-band parametric EQ for the 500 Series format that comes with a revolutionary new concept—Harmonic EQ. It's the world's first analog EQ that uses harmonic saturation to boost and cut frequency content, creating harmonically-enriched EQ effects that are guaranteed to add a touch of magic to your audio.

What makes Carnaby 500 truly special is its unique 'saturation-core' technology that enhances your tracks with genuine analog harmonic saturation. With the feel, familiarity, and control of an equalizer, the Carnaby 500 makes it easy to dial in the sound you’re looking for.

The three interactive bands of Harmonic EQ on Carnaby 500 are unlike any other EQ you've seen before. Each band has 10dB of boost/cut and its own sweepable and overlapping frequency controls. Plus, each band has a unique blend of harmonic content suited to its frequency band to achieve the perfect balance of warmth and clarity.

The HI band has a frequency range from 5 kHz all the way to 25 kHz and uses smooth saturation to naturally extend high frequencies beyond the audio band. This results in ultimate air and breath on vocals and acoustic instruments that is simply breathtaking.

The LO band, on the other hand, has a frequency range of 420 Hz down to 20 Hz and uses hard-clipping saturation to extend sub-harmonic frequencies into the audible low-end. It's perfect for subtle low-end warming or extreme sub-harmonic saturation that's sure to make your basslines stand out.

The MID band is a peaking filter with a fixed Q and a wide sweepable frequency range from 200 Hz up to 6.2 kHz. It uses saturation to add harmonic emphasis to the source anywhere in the frequency range, resulting in an unparalleled sense of depth and richness.

What's more, Carnaby 500 has a dynamic response and increases in total boost/cut and harmonics as the circuits are driven harder. With an Input and Output level control on each band, you can adjust the level up to ±20dB, enabling you to drive Carnaby 500 harder with the input control for more saturation and distortion effects or back it off for a cleaner EQ when needed.

If you're curious to hear how the Carnaby 500 sounds in action, check out our First Listen video, recorded at the Vintage King Nashville showroom. You'll get a better idea of what this revolutionary new EQ is capable of and why it's the perfect addition to any serious audio engineer's arsenal.


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