IK Multimedia is expanding its guitar pedal line in a big way with the new TONEX Pedal, which puts the power of their Amplitube TONEX modeling software in a gig-friendly stompbox format.

With 150 AI-powered Tone Models captured from real hardware, advanced VIR cabinet and mic simulation, and useful extras like a noise gate, EQ, compressor, and stereo reverb, the TONEX Pedal puts a virtual vintage gear museum right on your pedalboard or desktop. And, with straightforward controls to manage it all, it’s an easy choice for guitarists who want to explore the full range of their instrument on stage, at home, or in the studio.

Want to hear it for yourself? Listen to these samples recorded by Kevin at Vintage King Nashville comparing clean, lead, and overdrive sounds made with TONEX, Helix, Kemper, Milkman, and UA Dream.

IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal

The TONEX Pedal offers world-class modeling that rivals rival the most popular large-format floor controllers in a modestly sized stompbox you can throw in your gig bag and set up in seconds. Not to mention endless tweakability, plus the capability to model your own gear. And because it doubles as an audio interface, this handy little unit is an all-in-one solution for serious guitarists who need a variety of tones available at all times.

Just like the Amplitube TONEX software, the pedal is powered by IK Multimedia’s AI Machine Modeling, which uses a neural network and actual guitar and bass recordings (rather than test tones) to capture the complex nuances of real amps, cabs, and pedals as Tone Models that are nearly indistinguishable from the real hardware. You can even capture and model your own rig at home in minutes using the USB port and included TONEX software.

Just like an analog amplifier, the clearly labeled Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Volume knobs allow you to dial in your tone quickly, while the Parameter knob gives you additional flexibility and the ability to switch control sets to manage Reverb, Compressor, Noise Gate, Presence, and Depth settings via the same knobs. The multi-function Model and Preset controls on either side of the screen make navigating, setting up, and saving presets easy, and the three footswitches handle bypassing, bank switching, and more. An external control jack gives you even more options for expressive performance.

Plus, the USB connection allows the pedal to function as an audio interface, so you can record straight into your DAW using your full arsenal of tones. With discrete stereo outputs, a headphone jack, and dedicated MIDI I/O, the TONEX Pedal is the perfect studio centerpiece for guitarists, while still being small enough to throw in your gig bag for the next gig, session, or jam.