Explore a whole new way of making music with Osmose ($1,799), the latest synthesizer from Expressive E and Haken Audio. This standalone 49-key polyphonic synthesizer packs a punch with its deep sound-design engine and hundreds of cutting-edge presets. Control sound and create music like never before with familiar gestures like pressing, bending, and shaking.

Check out our latest Quick Hits video to hear Osmose and 15 of the 500 presets that come with the synthesizer. In the video, Vintage King's Dustin McLaughlin showcases how to create unique sounds with these presets by bending, wiggling, and hitting the keys of the Osmose.


Osmose is the culmination of over a decade of research and development and has been fine-tuned with input from world-renowned artists. Its unique keybed mechanism allows for independent expressive control of each note, making it a versatile tool for live performances. 

Paired with the powerful EaganMatrix sound engine from Haken Audio, Osmose excels at creating a variety of unique and emotive tones. This modular sound engine offers a range of digital synthesis options, including physical modeling and FM, and comes loaded with over 500 customized presets that open up endless sound exploration opportunities.

But Osmose doesn't stop at internal sounds—it also enhances external hardware and software synthesizers. It can function as a traditional MIDI keyboard controller, an MPE MIDI controller, and even supports polyphonic aftertouch and multichannel MIDI mode. Plus, it has two continuous pedal inputs that can be assigned to sustain or synth parameters, and a color LCD screen for easy navigation.

Perhaps best of all, Osmose is an absolute joy to play. Its internal sound library features highly detailed acoustic, electronic and hybrid sounds that are tailored to take full advantage of the keys' three-dimensional sensitivity. This allows for effects like strummed notes, vibrato, legato, and layered dynamics, making it a blast to discover and control Osmose's sounds.

GRAMMY-winning artists like A.R. Rahman, Junkie XL, Mike Dean, and Bill Laurance are already raving about Osmose, with Rahman calling it "a pleasantly unusual vibe" and Dean declaring it "a game changer." If you're a musician looking to elevate your musical expressivity, Osmose is a must-see.

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