We’ve worked on a lot of amazing consoles at the Vintage King Tech Shop over the last 30 years, but every once in a while, something one-of-a-kind comes through the door. This month, the Tech Shop team has been hard at work restoring a custom Neve 80 Series console.

According to the paperwork, this custom “Remix Console” rolled off the Neve factory floor in 1978, just before the brand released its iconic 8078 consoles. And while this desk shares a lot in common with the beloved 8078 consoles, there are a few key differences.  

The first difference you’re likely to spot is the design. When the 8078 consoles were released, they featured a modernized design with a new light gray paint job and updated knobs. This custom desk must have been released before Neve finalized the new design because it’s got a classic RAF Neve grey faceplate and original Marconi knobs.

Unlike the 8078, which featured 31102 preamp/EQ modules, this desk features 52 of the coveted 1095 modules. Typically, 8078 consoles also featured a 24-channel Tape Return section, and while this desk didn’t include one from the factory, a 32-channel Tape Return section was carefully added along the way. Speaking of mods, this desk also includes an upgraded center section with modern features like monitor select, speaker select, and external playback switching, courtesy of Fred Hill.

The process of restoring a console like this is a delicate and time-consuming one. Our technicians begin by thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the entire console, paying attention to every detail. In addition to fixing any issues, they’ll be installing a complete flying fader system and performing some cabling modifications before this desk is out the door.


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