Earlier this year, we partnered with our friends at Dolby, Avid, Focal and Triad-Orbit to host a series of Dolby Atmos mixing classes at the Vintage King Nashville Showroom.

Each class demonstrated the benefits of mixing in Dolby Atmos and showcased what gear is needed to get started. Attendees got hands-on experience mixing in Dolby Atmos using the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite software, Pro Tools and an Avid S6 console. The speaker system, assembled by Focal and professionally tuned by Dolby, consisted of Focal ST6 studio monitors mounted using Triad-Orbit Precision Sound Speaker Mount Systems.

Watch the full hour-long presentation below to learn more about the techniques, software, and gear involved in immersive mixing. Mark Chessler of Dolby Laboratories, Josh Estock of Focal, Ryan Kallas of Triad-Orbit, and Jeff Komar of Avid walk through each piece of the puzzle and demonstrate how to connect them all into one cohesive picture.

Following the classes, we hosted a mixer at the Vintage King Nashville Showroom, celebrating with food, drinks and an evening full of performances from some of Music City’s most talented acts. In addition to demoing sessions from chart-topping artists in our world-class, Dolby-certified mix room, attendees also listened to Atmos remixes of classic songs on a state-of-the-art Sonos Arc player.

Check out our recap of the event below, featuring Kevin Schuck and Anthony Vaticalos from the Vintage King Nashville Showroom: 

To learn more about mixing in Dolby Atmos, check out our Dolby Atmos Buyer’s Guide.

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