Opened in 2015 as part of the Mike Curb College of Entertainment Music Business, Belmont University’s Johnson Theater is a 250-seat, multi-purpose space that serves the Motion Pictures, Media Studies and Audio Engineering departments. Acting as a full, theatrical-sized mix stage, the Johnson Theater was the first university-based theater in the world equipped to mix in Dolby Atmos.

By utilizing Focusrite RedNet interfaces the 4K Johnson Theater is connected with a variety of spaces on campus, including a smaller theater across the hall, a dedicated 7.1 mixroom for classes and student projects, separate Foley and ADR stages, as well as more than 40 individual editing rooms for both audio and video—all of which are equipped with Focusrite Scarlet interfaces.

In our latest Inside Look, we spoke with Dave Warburton, Manager of Recording & Film Studios at Belmont University: “As a sound guy, I feel very strongly about the power of sound both for storytelling and for art. One of my favorite things about the Atmos system is the immersive experience that it provides. It's hard to replicate unless you actually experience sitting in the room and hearing the sound come from every direction.”

Watch the video below to learn how the Johnson Theater utilized Focusrite RedNet audio interfaces to create one of the most comprehensive Dolby Atmos mix stages ever built.


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