Solid State Logic has a long history of creating top-quality studio gear. But these days, it seems many creators are pulling double duty, bouncing between studio sessions, conference calls, live streams and other types of content. Musicians, engineers and producers know exactly how frustrating and distracting it can be to sit through a Zoom meeting or live stream with poor audio quality—it completely ruins the experience.

That’s why you need a mic that can keep up with you. Introducing SSL CONNEX ($199), a new high-quality, portable USB microphone for conferencing, content creation and music recording on the go. Featuring an advanced quad microphone array with four specially defined user modes, the SSL CONNEX mic enhances sound quality whether you’re in a group conference call, online in a coffee shop chatting with friends, or recording vocals and instruments wherever inspiration strikes.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at SSL’s new CONNEX USB microphone. Continue reading to learn how CONNEX can help streamline your setup and deliver studio-quality sound in any setting.


CONNEX is not your typical USB microphone—inside its compact frame, CONNEX features a high-quality, precision quad microphone array with four user modes tailor-made for conferencing, content creation and recording. Each mode is optimized for different use cases via studio-quality processing that utilizes SSL EQ and dynamics algorithms taken from some of the brand’s best-selling studio products.

CONNEX’s four color-coded user modes make it easy to dial in the perfect sound in any scenario, plus a bonus immersive mode for creative experimentation. Let’s take a closer look at each of CONNEX’s four versatile modes of operation.

More About CONNEX Modes

Solo mode (White): Optimized for a single sound source, Solo mode is perfect for Zoom or conference calls from home as well as live streaming with a single presenter. This mode is designed to pick up speech from in front of the mic, while reducing unwanted sound from the back and sides, making it ideal for taking calls in busy public places like coffee shops or airport lounges.

Group mode (Green): Ideal for round table conference calls and live streaming with multiple presenters, group mode is designed to capture multiple sound sources from around the room. CONNEX’s quad microphone array and automatic smart mixer ensure all presenters are clearly heard by cutting out unwanted background noise.

Vocal mode (Magenta): Musicians, engineers, and producers may be drawn to Vocal mode, which utilizes legendary SSL EQ and dynamics processing algorithms to give your voice that radio-ready sound. Perfect for recording and live streaming wherever inspiration strikes, Vocal mode rejects sound from the sides and rear of the SSL CONNEX microphone making your performance absolutely sing.

Music mode (Blue): Perfect for classic Motown-style recordings, Music mode is designed to capture a group of musicians positioned around the mic, CONNEX intelligently alters the sensitivity of the microphone array to reduce the noise floor and unwanted background sound in the recording or live stream. Combine this with CONNEX’s sophisticated studio-quality processing to quickly create high-quality demos and live recordings.

Immersive: Last but not least, all four modes can be engaged simultaneously to create detailed immersive recordings. In Immersive mode, you can individually treat each of CONNEX's four channels for advanced immersive mixing.

Jeff LeibovichIf you have any questions about the Solid State Logic CONNEX or would like to purchase one, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.