You know how we do it at Vintage King, Black Friday is never just a one-day thing. We’re kicking off our annual sale with a ton of incredible deals and continuing to add more every day through the end of the year.

If you’re looking for an outboard gear fix, you’ve come to the right place. This blog breaks down some of our favorite ways to save on mic pres, compressors, EQ, reverbs, and more.

There are so many deals that they can’t all be contained in just one blog! Be sure to head to our Black Friday Sale page to check out all the different ways to save.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Select Acme Audio Outboard Gear
Product Spotlight: Acme Audio Opticom XLA-500 500 Series Compressor

Acme Audio’s Opticom tube compressor/limiter is a loving recreation of the Teletronix LA-2A and has now been brought to the 500 Series format. The Opticom XLA-500 offers three speeds via a special triple optoelectronic circuit. “Slow” offers slow attack and release times like a broadcast limiter, “Medium” is closest to an LA-2A, and “Fast” gets you some crunchy tones that are perfect for bass and drums.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off BAE Audio

Product Spotlight:BAE 1073MPL 500 Series Microphone Preamp

BAE Audio is known for continuing the legacy of all things packed with Carnhill St Ives transformers. One of our particular favorites from the brand is the BAE 1073MPL, which brings the timeless 1073 microphone preamp to the 500 Series realm. This colorful and versatile pre features a Carnhill St Ives transformer, an all Class A design, and high impedance DI for using it with a guitar or synth.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Burl Audio

Product Spotlight: BURL Audio B80 Mothership w/ BMB1 DigiLink Motherboard

You might be asking yourself, “Why is Vintage King spotlighting an empty rack?" That is a great question, so we’ll gladly answer it. Our Black Friday Sale is the perfect time to build a BURL Audio B80 Mothership and elevate your studio’s conversion game to the next level. With the brand’s lowest prices of the year, you can assemble a converter system that covers all your bases and ensure your audio remains clean and pristine from start to finish.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Echo Fix EF-X2 Tape Echo
Product Spotlight: Echo Fix EF-X2 Tape Echo

One of the most buzzed-about pieces of gear at Vintage King in recent years has to be the Echo Fix EF-X2 Tape Echo. This take on the classic tape echo effect is built for modern users and negates some of the headaches that are often associated with the upkeep of a vintage unit. Instead of wasting time fixing something, you can immediately apply glorious tape echo and spring reverb to whatever you want.


Black Friday Deal: 15% Off Fredenstein 500 Series Modules & 10% Bento 500 Series Racks, VAS Series & Select Artistic 500 Series Modules

Product Spotlight: Fredenstein V.A.S Desktop Microphone Preamp

Fredenstein’s V.A.S is an excellent desktop mic pre- option with a powerful OPA2 and American steel core output transformer. You’ll get a smooth sound that is never too dark, harsh, or noisy. In addition to the microphone preamp portion of this unit, there is a high-quality headphone amp built right into the unit.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ

The GOLY CrosscOMPressionEQ builds on feedback and design work experience gathered from the DAQ/DS dynamic suite. It’s a stereo processing unit with two bands of EQ that lets you switch each band between shelving and peak bell filters while offering a full dynamics section. Save $266 on your purchase when you bring home this beastly EQ during Vintage King’s Black Friday Sale.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Select H2 Audio Outboard Gear
Product Spotlight: H2 Audio Helios 0011 Microphone Preamp/EQ

H2 Audio is reviving a piece of studio history with its incredibly accurate reproductions of classic Helios gear. The 0011 microphone preamp is a 500 Series size version of the channel module from the legendary 1960s consoles. The module features the 2128 preamp circuit with 70 dB of gain and Lustaphone input transformer, and inductor-based EQ with selectable LF and MF and fixed 10 kHz HF controls.


Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $1000 On Select Heritage Audio Outboard Gear
Product Spotlight: Heritage Audio MOTORCITY EQualizer Stereo Set

It’s no secret that there was something special happening in Motown during the 1960s. Nearly every amazing player or singer that passed through the studio at one time had their instrument or voice pass through the legendary Hitsville EQs. Heritage Audio’s recent reproduction, dubbed the MOTORCITY EQualizer, is a fantastic take on this Holy Grail EQ and will add tremendous warmth and punch to all your tracks.


Black Friday Deal: Get a Free Neve 33609 N With the purchase of a Neve 8424 Console

The Neve 8424 is the storied brand’s latest console offering, and if you purchase the desk between now and December 31st, 2022, you’ll pick up a Neve 33609 N compressor for free. The 33609 is a legendary two-channel compressor used for recording, mixing, and mastering sessions for decades. Run it in linked stereo mode, or as a dual mono compressor, and you will be pleased with the results.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Pope Audio
Product Spotlight: Pope Audio Dirty-C 500 Series Chorus

It feels sacrilegious not to spotlight Pope Audio’s EQs (Pro Tip: they’re great), but we want to discuss the Dirty-C 500. This must-have 500 Series module is an authentic recreation of the character and vibe of the original Roland RE-501 chorus effect. It features the same chip as the original and gives you control over the rate, depth, and mix of this lush lo-fi sound.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Pultec
Product Spotlight: Pultec EQP-1A

When it comes to EQ, few equalizers get as much as love as the Pultec EQP-1A. This three-space rackmount unit features a two-band design, which makes it easy to boost extremely low and high frequencies without messing up anything in the middle. The EQ’s wide-open sound brings a warm, airy feeling to recordings, which Pultec nailed with this accurate reproduction.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Purple Audio
Product Spotlight: Purple Audio MC77 FET Compressor

Many have tried to recreate the 1176, but Purple Audio’s MC77 is one of the best in the land. This version painstakingly recreates the circuitry of the Revision E model and offers all of the classic push-button controls. We’re talking 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, and the tried-and-true “all buttons in mode.”  


Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $647 On Rupert Neve Design 500 Series Module & Rack Bundles

Product Spotlight: Rupert Neve Designs 511, 535, 551 and R6 Chassis

Whether you’re looking to kick start a 500 Series collection or add some killer gear to your current setup, this deal from Rupert Neve Designs is for you. Not only do you get RND’s wonderful six-slot 500 Series rack, but you also get three of the brand’s best-selling 500 Series modules. We’re talking about the perfect signal chain with the fantastic 511 microphone preamp, 551 inductor EQ, and the 535 diode bridge compressor.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Shadow Hills Industries
Product Spotlight: Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor

It’s hard to find words to describe the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor; it’s just so breathtaking. Look at that beauty! Not only will you benefit from its eye-pleasing aesthetics, but you’ll be able to take full advantage of a mastering grade opto compressor and discrete Class A compressor/limiter. Take our advice and pick one up during our Black Friday Sale to save nearly $1000 on this behemoth. 


Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $500 on Solid State Logic Outboard Gear, Plug-In Controllers & More

Product Spotlight: Solid State Logic Fusion Analog Master Processor

This Black Friday, Solid State Logic is offering a $500 instant rebate on its Fusion analog master processor. The Fusion is essentially a Swiss army knife for those who work in the box that want to add analog vibes to their projects. In a 2U rack space, the Fusion delivers five processing tools (Violet EQ, Vintage Drive, HF Compressor, Transformer, and Stereo Image) for adding color, character, and cohesion.


Black Friday Deal: 15% Off Tegeler Vocal Leveler & Cranborne Audio Camden 500
Product Spotlight: Tegeler Vocal Leveler & Cranborne Audio Camden 500

This unique Black Friday bundle brings together two of our favorite pieces of outboard gear together for some impressive savings. Cranborne Audio Camden 500 has been one of Vintage King’s best-selling modules since the brand first came on board. While the microphone preamp can be extremely transparent, it can also get a bit dirty, thanks to its Thump and Cream settings. The Tegeler Vocal Leveler is a classic opto compressor with a no-frills design that features gain reduction and output volume knobs for golden results on vocals.


Black Friday Deal: Save $112 On The UK Sound 176 Mono Compressor

If you want a more streamlined version of the 1176, the UK Sound 176 packs fantastic compression into a slim 1U rackmount piece. The 176 will get you huge sounds via several adjustable settings, including Input, Ratio, Attack, Release, and Output. UK Sound also included the “all buttons in” mode, simply just hit the “!” switch on the front panel, and you’ll get some sweet overdriven sounds.


Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Select WesAudio Outboard Gear

Product Spotlight: WesAudio _Hyperion 500 Series Parametric EQ

WesAudio’s _Hyperion is an innovative parametric EQ that will be a perfect fit in any 500 Series rack. The 500 Series module features a 4-Band EQ design with a switchable gain range for 5dB or 15dB boost or cut per band. You can use the EQ in stereo, dual mono, or mid/side and control onboard settings via a flexible plug-in in your DAW.

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