Back in August, storied microphone maker Neumann announced the release of the M 49 V, a stunning recreation of its legendary M 49 condenser mic. The M49's silky sound holds a special place in recording history, capturing everyone from Miles Davis to Adele. The only problem is there aren’t many around and vintage models can cost a pretty penny. Enter the M 49 V!

Neumann has been creating impressive reproductions of its classic models like the U 67, U 87, and U 47 FET for years and now adds the M 49 V to these ranks. This modern reissue utilizes the K 49 capsule and features circuity based on the final revision of the microphone, the M 49 C. Two internal switches allow you to use pre-1957 circuitry (Flip S4 for high pass frequency to be lowered to 12 Hz) and set the mic to a fixed cardioid pattern like the M 49 B (Flip S2 for fixed cardioid, sensitivity increase, and noise decrease). 

In addition to these internal switches, the M 49 V has several new features. Neumann uses an RF-proof connector to prevent WiFi interference and employs a lower-noise subminiature tube. The brand has also created a new power supply to power this tube that ensures optimum heating voltage. Like the classic models, you can also use it to change polar patterns remotely.

Alright, that was a lot of talk about history and specs, but we know you probably only have one question. How does the new one stack up to the original? Great news, we’re on the same wavelength! 

Vintage King recently headed into Rust Best Studios to do a full-fledged mic shootout. Watch below to compare the Neumann M 49 V and a vintage Neumann M 49 on performances from Olivia Millerschin(Vocals), Ryan McGuire (Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar), Sonia Lee (Violin), Bryan Reilly (Drums), and Takashi Iio (Upright Bass).