Saving big at Vintage King is a year-round affair, but during our Black Friday Sale, you’ll save on our best prices of the year. From outboard gear to microphones and software to audio interfaces, we’re offering an expansive list of deals to help you outfit your studio from the ground up.

When it comes to monitors, brands like Barefoot Sound, Focal, and Yamaha have teamed up with Vintage King to offer some incredible prices on their best-selling gear. Continue below to check out some of our favorite ways you can save on monitors during this year’s sale. Don’t see something you like? Head over to Black Friday central to get the scoop on all of our promos.

Black Friday Deal: Save $300 on B-Stock Audeze LCD-X Headphones
If you’re looking for a sweet deal on a pair of headphones this Black Friday, Audeze and Vintage King have you covered. We’re dropping prices on B-Stock LCD-X by $300! The LCD-X are over-ear, open-back planar magnetic audiophile headphones with excellent transient response, accuracy, and neutral tonality. The headphones also have nice carbon ear cups, leather ear pads, and a carrying case.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Barefoot Sound Footprint 02 Monitors

In terms of perennial Black Friday best sellers, the Barefoot Sound Footprint 02 always seems to top the list. And for a good reason, saving 10% on a pair of the best near-field monitors in the game is quite the steal. The Footprint 02 utilizes the same technology as its predecessor, the Footprint01, but fits it into a more compact and affordable package.


Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $550 On Select Focal Monitors
Product Spotlight: Focal Shape Twin Monitor

Focal’s Shape series is designed specifically for the nearfield position with double passive radiators, a Flax sandwich cone, and an “M”-shaped aluminum-magnesium dome tweeter. The Shape Twin is the largest of the line but offers precision and flexibility that will make the monitor a perfect fit in any room.   


Black Friday Sale: 10% Off Output Frontier Monitors

Output is known for its virtual instruments, plug-ins, and studio furniture but recently staked its claim in the monitor world with the Frontier. For its first monitor, the brand teamed up with Barefoot Sound, which has been creating innovative technology since 2006. The Frontier is a 2-way active studio monitor with a 6.5 inch time-aligned coaxial driver, 200-Watt combined bi-amplified architecture, and solid walnut base.


Black Friday Sale: Save $400 On HEDD HEDDphones

Aside from being some of the coolest-looking headphones around, HEDD’s HEDDphones are also top-notch in terms of sound. These are the first full-range Air Motion Transformer headphones designed for the studio. What’s AMT? Great question. AMT is an electrodynamic transducer that moves air significantly faster than common voice coil, planar, or electrostatic systems. The resulting sound offers clear, concise details that other headphones can’t achieve.


Black Friday Sale: Save $50.50 On The KRK Classic 5 Monitor
If you missed our recent blog on five things you didn’t know about KRK Monitors, you should go back and check it out. The brand with the storied black and yellow monitors has been kicking out great gear at an excellent price for nearly four decades. You can save even more during our Black Friday Sale by picking up a KRK Classic 5, the incredibly versatile 5” powered nearfield monitor with superior low-end extension.


Black Friday Sale: 10% Off Sonarworks Hardware Bundles
Product Spotlight: Sonarworks SoundID Reference For Speakers & Headphones With Microphone

One of the biggest factors in ensuring you hear your audio correctly is calibrating your studio’s monitors and headphones. Sonarworks can make this tall task simple with its SoundID software and measurement microphone. In less than 20 minutes, you can use this killer combo to calibrate your existing monitors and headphones and be back to mixing with more confidence in your sound than ever before.


Black Friday Sale: 25% Off Yamaha HS Monitors
Product Spotlight: Yamaha HS8 Monitors   

If you know anything about nearfield monitors, you know the folks at Yamaha got it down. The NS-10 is still used in studios worldwide, and the brand’s HS Series follows in its legendary footsteps. The HS Series offers high-performance drivers, 38Hz - 30kHz frequency response, ROOM Control and HIGH TRIM responsive controls, and XLR and TRS phone jack inputs. The HS8 is the biggest in the lineup with a 8” cone woofer and 1” dome tweeter.

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