From classic condensers to modern modeling mics, we’re breaking down all of the ways you can save on microphones this holiday season. Check out our list of the best Black Friday microphone deals and upgrade your mic locker with some fresh new creative tools!

Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Select AEA Mics And Preamps

Product Spotlight: AEA KU5A Supercardioid Ribbon Microphone

The AEA KU5A is an innovative ribbon microphone featuring a supercardioid polar pattern, making it extremely versatile both in the studio and on stage. Great at rejecting reflections from studio walls, ambient noise on concert stages, and even unwanted instrument bleed, the KU5A excels at live recordings. You can even sing directly into the grille of the KU5A without fear of proximity effect or blowing out the ribbon. But the KU5A isn’t just for vocalists—with extended high end and a selectable high pass filter for taming unwanted lows, this unconventional ribbon mic offers a modern take on the classic ribbon tone.


Black Friday Deal: Save up To $600 On Manley Reference Tube Mics

Product Spotlight: Manley Reference Cardioid

Known to many as the “Ref C”, Manley’s Reference Cardioid delivers that radio-ready, “finished sound” right out of the box. Hands-down, one of the most popular mics in modern pop music, the Reference Cardioid is praised for its present, smooth, and forward sound. Designed to be reminiscent of classic European mics when they were new, Manley’s Reference Cardioid offers pristine clarity that allows sources like vocals to sit right into a mix.

Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Select Soyuz Mics

Product Spotlight: Soyuz 023 Bomblet

Designed with inspiration from the rare vintage LOMO 19A919 microphone, Soyuz’ 023 Bomblet utilizes a triple backplate design and in-house-made transformers to deliver a distinctive Russian sound. Totally handmade in the Soyuz factory outside of Moscow, you’ll notice a robust construction as well as a rich, warm tone. Those familiar with historic LOMO designs will find the Bomblet to harken back to classic mics, while still delivering an iconic tone of its own.

Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On FLEA Microphones

Product Spotlight: FLEA 12

Built to painstakingly accurate standards, the FLEA 12 is an exact replica of the legendary AKG C12 tube mic. Utilizing the same tubes as the original C12, paired with a brilliant Tim Campbell CT12 capsule, the FLEA 12 is virtually indistinguishable from the icon it’s derived from. From in-house wound transformers to hand-selected GE tubes, FLEA spares no expense with the Flea 12, resulting in incredible sound and performance.

Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Select Mohjave Audio Mics

Product Spotlight: Mojave Audio MA-301FET

Based on the award-winning MA-201 FET mic, Mojave’s MA-301 FET gives users additional polar patterns, an onboard attenuator, and a smooth HPF switch. Designed by industry icon David Royer, MA-301 delivers a warm and full-bodied tone, while capturing a brilliant level of detail. Using a FET circuit in contrast to the MA-300’s tube topology, the MA-301 exhibits excellent transient performance, and “mix-ready” clarity. Utilizing top-notch components from custom-designed low noise resistors to the onboard Jensen transformer, it’s clear that Mojave designed the 301 to be a high-quality staple that competes with existing condenser icons.

Black Friday Deal: Save Big On Select Products

Product Spotlight: Apogee MiC Plus USB Condenser Microphone

Designed to connect to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or PC, Apogee’s MiC Plus is a professional studio-quality USB microphone that makes it easy to capture your best take with incredible quality, anywhere you go. Record any sound you can imagine, from vocals to voice-overs, instruments to interviews and everything in between.

Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $598 On Select Lauten Audio Mics

Product Spotlight: Lauten Audio FC-357 Clarion

Silicon Valley’s Lauten Audio has made quite a name in the pro audio game in recent years, known for their workhorse condensers with thoughtful, modern appointments. With the Clarion, Lauten brings users the iconic FET mic sound paired with selectable polar patterns, gain staging options to drive preamps, and premium components throughout. Offering +10, 0, and -10 gain stage selections, Lauten thoughtfully designed the mic to allow for extra driving of your favorite preamp, or hotter output for particularly quiet sources. In front of a kick drum, lead vocal, and even bass cab, the FC-357 Clarion will bring a smile to your face at first listen.

Black Friday Deal: Save $60 On Lauten Audio LCT 240 Mics + Exclusive Vintage King Bundles

Product Spotlight: Lewitt Audio LCT 240 PRO

Starting with versatility in mind, Lewitt designed the LCT 240 PRO to deliver clarity on a variety of sources—whether cymbals, vocals, or anything in between. Looking for a good all-around entry into the condenser game? It’s hard to go wrong with any of the Lewitt offerings, but the LCT 240 continues to bat above its weight class, especially considering the price point. With impressively high dynamic range and fixed cardioid polar pattern, the 240 PRO will easily capture your favorite sources, no matter how loud or quiet.

Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Pearlman Mics

Product Spotlight: Pearlman Church Tube Mic

A faithful remake of an incredibly rare microphone legend, the Pearlman Church mic recreates the Stanley Church MGM mic of the 50’s. With U47-style components paired with a genuine TRIAD transformer on the output, the Church mic design offers a distinctly different sound from the 47 style microphones it was made to compete with. A balanced, lush tube tone that takes EQ with ease, Pearlman’s Church mic blows many other tube designs out of the water, all for a price designed for home recordists. 

Black Friday Deal: Save 15% On Peluso Microphones

Product Spotlight: Peluso P-67 Tube Mic

A recreation of the beloved U 67 design, Peluso painstakingly tunes the P-67 to sound and respond just like the original 67s of decades past. With nine selectable polar pattern, the P-67 offers the increased functionality of the even rarer vintage M269’s, and make it a breeze to adapt the mic for each recording scenario. Instantly delivering that rich, mid-forward tone that harkens to 70s records, Peluso’s take on the U67 is spot-on. Using premium custom transformers and hand-selected EF95 tubes, the P-67 achieves a smooth sonic palette that does the vintage legend justice.

Black Friday Deal: Save Big On Slate Digital ML-1 Modeling Microphone 

Product Spotlight: Slate Digital ML-1 Modeling Microphone 

The flagship mic in Slate’s Virtual Microphone System, the ML-1 is a large diaphragm condenser that allows users to tailor the tone, response, and behavior of the mic to model classic studio icons. With an extremely transparent microphone design on the front end, the VMS then gives engineers access to a microphone locker of emulations from 47s to 251s and more. Also allowing for choice of preamp emulation, the ML-1 is incredibly versatile in its ability to color the sound for various applications. Between the 8 included mic emulations, there’s a setting on the ML-1 perfect for each scenario.

Black Friday Deal: Save Up to $200 On Telefunken Alchemy Series Microphones

Product Spotlight: Telefunken TF29 Copperhead

Praised for its neutral, non-hyped response, the TF29 Copperhead is a modern original design by the company still known to produce so many historical favorites. Great on sources like acoustic guitar, where an honest, natural reproduced sound is desirable, the Copperhead stands out not only for its eye-catching design but its outstanding sound as well. With a new old stock 5654W tube onboard and a K67 style capsule choice, clarity and brilliance come easy with the TF29.

Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $200 On Select Vanguard Microphones

Product Spotlight: V44S Gen 2 Stereo FET Condenser

Vanguard Audio Labs first made waves with the tube V13, before offering the stunning V44S stereo microphone system. Essentially stacking two Vanguard V4’s together, the V44S allows users to record utilizing Blumlein, Mid-Side, X/Y techniques and more. The transformerless solid-state circuit design captures sounds in a clean, crisp and detailed way. Praised by a host of modern producers, the V44S proves to be an excellent tool in the studio for capturing brilliant stereo recordings with ease. 

Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Wunder Audio Microphones

Product Spotlight: Wunder Audio CM7 Suprema

A step above the popular CM7, the Wunder Audio CM7 Suprema microphone combines the best qualities of a modern microphone and the legendary sound of a vintage microphone. Offering a tight low-end response and brilliant high-end, the CM7 S is exceptional as a vocal mic as well an excellent choice for drums, acoustic guitars and piano. A serious pro-studio workhorse, the CM7 brings out a natural sound from any source.

Black Friday Deal: Save Big On Select Shure Microphones

Product Spotlight: Shure SM7B

A true classic, it’s hard to find a source the SM7B can’t tackle. From radio stations to recording studios, the SM7B has proven to be the industry’s go-to dynamic vocal mic. Known for its powerful low-end and crystal-clear midrange, the SM7B has been used on countless hit records, and was a favrotie of Michael Jackson, Prince and more. With the classic cardioid polar pattern, and nearly flat frequency response, SM7 series microphones have been a top choice for rock vocals, broadcasting, electric guitar cabinets, and drums, for decades.

Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $90 On Select Golden Age Microphones And Preamps

Product Spotlight: Golden Age R1 MkIII

Built to offer that smooth ribbon mic sound at a reasonable price point, the Golden Age R1 MkIII delivers a silky tone that’s typically found in classic ribbon mics. With an impressive SPL tolerance of 160 dB, R1 can stand in front of some of the loudest musical sources possible and still deliver a natural, detailed sound. A fast, crisp transient response makes this ribbon a particularly good choice on percussion, while still being a well-rounded workhorse mic. With tube and active circuit variations, Golden Age makes it easy to make colorful creative decisions with each of the R1 ribbon offerings. 

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