For a generation of audio creators, the Avid MBOX interface is a beloved reminder of the early days of recording at home. While these folks may have advanced to the Pro Tools | Carbon and Pro Tools | MTRX Studio by now, Avid’s latest version of the MBOX offers a whole new class of musicians and engineers easy plug-and-play studio access.

The MBOX’s desktop-size package delivers professional studio-quality hardware and software to any space. It packs in 21 x 22 I/O via onboard microphone preamps, instrument inputs, line-level inputs, and optical channels. Avid has included four physical mic pres and two instrument inputs equipped with Variable Z technology. This feature allows you to change the impedance of the input (1MΩ, 230k Ω, 90k Ω, 72k Ω, 32k Ω) based on what’s best for the signal you’re running into the interface.

With the MBOX’s monitoring section, Avid has incorporated some unique options that make listening to a track anywhere you want as simple as possible. Traditional monitor controls on the interface include two stereo monitor outputs, two headphone outputs with independent cues, and an integrated talkback system. Additionally, a built-in stereo Bluetooth system allows you to listen to your work on any connectible device. Referencing a mix on your phone, car, or home stereo has never been easier.

The MBOX package would not be complete without a bundle of premium software. Avid is throwing in a one-year subscription to Pro Tools Studio and the aptly titled MBOX Ignition Pack. This collection includes Baby Audio Vibe Box, BPM Create, Gauge LUSH VOX, and seven plug-ins from Brainworx.

Now that you know what’s going on with the Avid MBOX, we want to show you what you can do with the audio interface. In the spirit of the MBOX, we headed into the home of Detroit-based musician Ian Ruhala and got to work recording and mixing a track. Check out the session below:

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