Following the smashing success of the SSL Origin 32 analog inline console, Solid State Logic introduced the new Origin 16 model at this year’s AES conference in New York. 

Like its larger cousin, the Origin 16 features SSL’s legendary Bus Compressor, E Series-inspired EQ and transistor-based PURE DRIVE preamps. In fact, the only difference between the two is the channel count. The Origin 16 offers all the same features in a more compact and affordable package.

We recently sat down with Fadi Hayek, Vice President of Music Sales at Solid State Logic, to learn more about the new Origin 16 console. Check out the full conversation below to learn more about the new Origin 16 console.

SSL Origin 16 Analog Inline Console

Solid State Logic created the Origin 16 to offer the same functionality as the Origin 32 for smaller studios and budget-minded institutions such as high schools and universities. Retailing at $39,999, the Origin 16 hits the sweet spot between the Origin 32 and the smaller XL-Desk console. The balance of features, size and price make this the ideal console for smaller recording studios and educational programs looking for boutique sound without breaking the bank.

The Origin 16 features the exact same layout as the Origin 32, starting with PURE DRIVE preamps on each channel with modern FET components for a classic analog sound with extremely low noise. The Drive circuit adds subtle warmth or crunchy distortion with musical-sounding harmonics. The new sweepable high-pass filter is fully variable from 10 to 400 Hz, while the four-band EQ section features low and high bands that can be switched from shelf to bell curves as well as two fully parametric mid bands. Both the high-pass filter and EQ circuit can be independently assigned to the channel or monitor paths as needed. Each channel also features two cue sends and four auxiliary sends.

Because of its inline design, the Origin 16 includes two inputs per channel: one for the recording path and one for the monitor path. Each channel strip features a discrete fader and insert for each signal path, with individual faders and inserts for each. Using all available inputs, you can mix up to 32 channels. The center section, also identical to the Origin 32, includes the famous SSL Bus Compressor, along with flexible monitor and talkback routing, as well as controls for the 16 busses, four stereo returns, two cue sends and four aux masters. There’s even extra rack space for mounting additional outboard gear, a control surface or even a monitor right into the chassis.

The UF8 provides eight motorized faders with mini displays, rotary encoders and user-assignable controls, turning your analog console into a hybrid workstation with the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking to bring SSL sound into a small space or upgrading from a smaller console such as the XL-Desk, now’s the perfect time to get your hands on the Origin 16.

SSL Origin 16 Analog Inline Console Features

  • 16 channels, each with two inputs for recording and monitoring
  • Transistor-based PURE DRIVE preamps
  • Four-band EQ inspired by E Series
  • Comprehensive center section
  • Two cue sends
  • Four Aux sends
  • Four stereo returns
  • Modular center section with additional rack space
Jeff EhrenbergIf you have any questions about the SSL Origin 16 or would like to purchase one for your studio, please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.