Like the venerable space capsule that has been in use for more than 50 years, Soyuz microphones are ingeniously engineered and solidly built to deliver uncompromising performance and reliability. The company’s latest design, simply called “1973,” offers ultra-clean sound and full, musical tone thanks to its elegantly simple design, high-quality components and uncompromising build quality. 

Check out the video below to hear the new Soyuz 1973 ($799), then read on for the full scoop!

Soyuz 1973 Large-Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone

Neither a copy nor a clone, Soyuz calls the 1973 a “modern classic” that combines vintage vibe and handmade quality with modern components for excellent performance and musicality. The transformerless FET design and precision-engineered capsule deliver full sound that’s present in the midrange without sounding “boxy,” open and airy in the top-end and anchored in the low-end with no boomy or muddy bass.

The 1973 is built around an upgraded version of the S23 capsule from Soyuz’s popular 023 Bomblet microphone, which itself is a redesign of the classic AKG C12 capsule with three backplates for increased sonic consistency. This time around, Soyuz engineers have added a built-in resonator that reduces unwanted resonance and helps mitigate distortion from plosives, making the 1973 an excellent choice for vocals and voiceover. 

The transformerless FET design gives the 1973 the lowest self-noise of any Soyuz microphone, providing extremely quiet performance for capturing the nuance of soft vocals and acoustic instruments. A switch on the bottom of the microphone gives you the option of engaging a -10 or -20 dB pad, protecting the mic from distortion when recording louder sources.

The hand-machined body and capsule are incredibly solid, so the microphone will last many years with proper care and storage. The FET circuitry requires only a handful of high-quality components, making the mic much more compact and lightweight than most large-diaphragm condensers. This makes the Soyuz 1973 easy to position wherever you need it, whether that’s upside-down in front of a vocalist, over a drummer’s shoulder or inches from the fretboard of an acoustic guitar.

Alongside the 1973, Soyuz is debuting the new Launcher Deluxe, an upgraded version of their Launcher inline mic preamp. The Launcher Deluxe adds a second channel for stereo sound plus a saturation mode for adding even more color and character to your sound.


Soyuz 1973 Features

Interested in the Soyuz 1973? Take a look at the complete features and specifications:

  • Features a version of the original S23 Capsule found in The 023 Bomblet microphone
  • Completely hand-machined body and capsule
  • Built-in resonator to reduce unwanted resonance and minimize plosives
  • Switchable -10dB and -20dB pad on the bottom of the microphone
  • Transformerless design
  • Available in polished silver finish and matte black finishes

Soyuz 1973 Tech Specs

  • Type: FET condenser microphone
  • Capsule: Two 33 mm membranes (one gold-sputtered)
  • Frequency Range: 30 Hz / 18 kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Pad: -10 dB / -20 dB
  • Sensitivity: 24.5 mV/Pa
  • Impedance: 150 Ω
  • SPL: 140 dB
  • Equivalent Noise: 18 dB (a-weighted)
  • Power: Phantom 48 V
  • Size: 100 mm length x 55 mm diameter
  • Weight: 300 g (single microphone)
  • Extras: Mic holder
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