Building on the popularity of the recent Volt series audio interfaces, Universal Audio returns with two new offerings to expand the line: Volt 4 USB ($239) and Volt 476P USB ($469). With elite-level conversion and industry-leading processing, each of the new entries delivers powerful, proven tracking capabilities while adding impressive new features. Let’s take a closer look at the new Volt interfaces and see how they compare to the other models in the renowned series.

Volt 476P USB

Combining the convenience of the Volt series with additional preamps, the new Volt 476P is a perfect solution for multi-track recording at home or on the go. 

With the most expansive I/O amongst the Volt line, Volt 476P USB offers four analog mic preamps with onboard 76 Compressors for each channel. Garnering acclaim with its clear sound and easy use, the built-in analog compression features quick settings for vocals, guitar, and a host of other sources. With the click of a button, you can harness the punchy tone of one of the most instantly-recognizable compressors ever made.

Like the other interfaces in the Volt series, the 476P features the Vintage Preamp Mode on each input, allowing for tracking with rich and lush analog tones. Four line-level outputs offer easy access to your favorite outboard gear. Plus, Volt 476P easily integrates with iPhone, iPad and more, offering studio-quality sound anywhere in the world.

As the most comprehensive option in the Volt range so far, 476P makes for a great home rig centerpiece, allowing you to track, mix, and utilize outboard processing from an existing setup. If you’re an on-the-go musician but don’t want to compromise on the sound of your interface, the Volt 476P USB is an incredibly attractive choice.

Volt 4 USB

A more compact and affordable version of the popular Volt 476, the new Volt 4 features a stripped-down feature set at a more affordable price point. With two front-panel mic preamps and an additional two line inputs on the back, Volt 4 delivers studio-quality sound and conversion in a convenient and stylish desktop format. Like all Volt series interfaces, Volt 4 USB features UA’s acclaimed Vintage Mic Preamp mode, a tube preamp emulation that imparts vintage vibe onto recordings with ease. 

Those interested in the appeal of the streamlined Volt line will find the extra I/O useful, and the USB connectivity makes it easy to work the line of interfaces into your existing setup. With additional connectivity options for iPhone and iPad, the Volt 4 lends itself well to tracking whilst traveling, and its rugged exterior is proof. Plus with plug-ins like Melodyne, Virtual Drummer and more, Volt makes it easy to get right to making music. 

What’s The Difference Between Each of the Volt Models?

All Volt series audio interfaces include UA’s Vintage Mic Preamp and come bundled with a host of useful software to get you started, including plug-ins and software from Ableton, Celemony, Softube and Plugin Alliance. Additionally, Volt owners also receive a free 30-day trial for UAD Spark, offering a whole library of high-end plugins utilized through an easy monthly subscription. Those used to the beloved UAD plugins like the Helios and Fairchild 670 have easy access on a month-to-month basis, all with an expanding collection of pieces. 

However, each model offers a different combination of I/O, preamps, and 76 Compressors 

  • Volt 1 and Volt 176 are both 1-in/2-out interfaces with one preamp, while the Volt 176 includes a built-in 76 Compressor.
  • Volt 2 and Volt 276 are both 2-in/2-out interfaces with two preamps, while the Volt 276 includes built-in 76 Compressors for both channels.
  • Volt 4, Volt 476 and Volt 476P are all 4-in/4-out interfaces.
    • Volt 4 and Volt 476 both have two preamps, while Volt 476P has four.
    • Volt 476 and Volt 476P include built-in 76 Compressors for all channels.

Brian GrossIf you're interested in purchasing a Universal Audio Volt interface or have questions about the new lineup, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.