Recording industry giants Universal Audio have a rich history that’s closely tied to the development of modern recording as we know it today. The legendary brand has introduced a number of innovative designs over the last 60-plus years. This month, Universal Audio is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the best-selling Apollo Series audio interfaces that revolutionized the recording industry. Over the next 10 days, we’ll join in on the celebration by sharing tons of exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes content and more.

10 Days of Apollo

Join us for a walk down memory lane as we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the legendary Universal Audio Apollo Series audio interface with more great content:


Marc Daniel Nelson And Jon Gilbert Discuss Recording With Apollo Interfaces

We recently sat down with our friends and accomplished engineers, Marc Daniel Nelson and Jon Gilbert to discuss why they love recording and mixing with Universal Audio Apollo interfaces and UAD plug-ins. Read the full conversation to learn why, even when working in high-end studios, they still prefer the hybrid workflow that Apollo offers.



5 Recent Hit Albums Recorded With UA Apollo Interfaces

We’re taking a look at five famous records made using Apollo Series audio interfaces. Follow the link to listen to records by Ariana Grande, Green Day, Post Malone and more, plus learn more about the recording and mixing process for each song.


Road To Vinyl Part 2: Mixing 

In Part 2 of our Road to Vinyl series, Marc Daniel Nelson moves on to mixing. Watch the video to gain insight into Nelson's mixing process and see what Universal Audio plug-ins he uses throughout the session.


Road To Vinyl Part 1: Recording

In the first part of the Road To Vinyl series, Marc Daniel Nelson and The War on Peace get to work at the Chicago Recording Company using three Apollo 8p rackmount units and an Apollo Twin MKII. Watch the video to see the recording process, as Marc uses Universal Audio plug-ins in real-time to find the perfect sounds for this uplifting, synth-heavy track.



The Making Of Mt. Joy’s Self-Titled Debut With Jon Gilbert

Vintage King recently sat down with Jon Gilbert to discuss the making of Mt. Joy’s self-titled debut, recorded and mixed using Jon’s faithful rig of an Apollo 8 QUAD and UAD-2 Satellite QUAD. Read our full conversation to learn more about the sessions, some sonic influences, Jon’s favorite plug-ins and much more.



Ask Me Anything With Drew at UA

Join us on Clubhouse for an AMA with Drew Mazurek from Universal Audio! Learn everything there is to know about UA’s revolutionary Apollo X audio interfaces.



Vintage King Workflow: Needlz

World-renowned producer Needlz has relied on Universal Audio's Apollo audio interface series for as long as he can remember. To learn more about how Needlz uses the Apollo X interface and Universal Audio plug-ins in the studio, check out our brand new Vintage King Workflow video.



Customizing Your Workflow With Universal Audio’s Apollo Series Interfaces

We sat down with Drew Mazurek from Universal Audio to chat about how different users utilize Apollo Series audio interfaces in their studio workflows. Read our conversation to learn more about which Apollo interface is best for home studios, recording studios, and high-end mixing and mastering studios.

Customize your workflows with UA Apollo



Launching Apollo: How UA Revolutionized The Recording Industry (Again)

we sat down with Drew Mazurek from Universal Audio to learn more about how UA’s legendary Apollo Series audio interfaces came to be. Read the full conversation to learn how the original Apollo audio interface revolutionized the recording industry.



The History of Universal Audio

Take a look back at the history of Universal Audio: a studio staple with a legacy that reaches back to the 1940s. Read our conversation with Drew Mazurek from Universal Audio to get a better understanding of the history of the storied brand.

Win Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Duo-HE and Apollo x8-HE Interfaces From Vintage King

We’re teaming up with our friends at Universal Audio to give away a pair of Apollo x8-HE and Apollo Twin X Duo-HE and audio interfaces! Follow the link to learn more and enter for your chance to win.


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