In 2021, boutique mic makers Soyuz introduced the world to a limited edition version of the renowned 017 Series microphone with an exclusive Brass Black finish. The 25 mics quickly sold out and prompted Soyuz to continue the series with the release of the 023 Brass Black in May 2022. 

By popular demand, Soyuz is reviving its unique finishing process for another batch of 017 Series Brass Black microphones. Limited to just 40 017 TUBE ($4,599) and 40 017 FET ($2,299) edition mics worldwide, these must-have mics are sure to sell out quickly! Continue reading to learn more about the beloved 017 Series microphone and how Soyuz creates the stunning Brass Black finish.

Soyuz 017 Series Brass Black Microphones

Soyuz’s 017 Series Brass Black microphones utilize a unique finishing process known as “bluing,” which both protects the mics from rusting and gives them their signature look. By oxidizing the microphone’s brass body, a protective coat of magnetite is formed, resulting in a vibrant hue and patina. 

“When you break out an 017 Series Brass Black, there is a real sense of wonder among everyone in the room,” says Marc Kuzio of Soyuz Microphones. “Put it up on the stand and you’re sure to get a truly inspired performance.”


Under the hood, the 017 Series mics offer the same timeless tone beloved by countless artists such as Radiohead, Coldplay, Shawn Mendes and Paramore, as well as producers and engineers like Nigel Godrich, Ryan Hewitt, Sylvia Massy and Butch Walker.

The 017 Series captures a classic and three-dimensional sound reminiscent of vintage microphones, but with a distinct and modern character that stands out with originality. Loosely based on the original K67 capsule developed by Neumann in 1960, the S17 features a gold-sputtered, hand-tuned 34mm diaphragm. Far from creating another clone of a classic, however, Soyuz has further developed the design, modifying its assembly and tuning.

The 017 Series is comprised of FET and tube-powered models. Though both models are similar—the two share identical capsules, form factors, and sonic signatures—there are subtle differences between them. The 017 FET captures transients with a somewhat faster, tighter response; the 017 TUBE’s smoother, rounded top-end is perfect for sources requiring warmth with slightly more coloration.

As with all Soyuz microphones, 017 Series mics are manually machined, transformers are wound in-house, and all wiring is true point-to-point.

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