Few pieces of gear are held in such high regard as the legendary Neve 1073 preamp. Used on countless classic records, the 1073 preamp and EQ has been a coveted studio tool for decades.  Recently, AMS Neve released the 1073SPX, a single channel version of the classic 1073 module, tailor-made for modern engineers.

Designed and built in England, each 1073SPX module is assembled to the original 1970-issue specifications with matching components to ensure uncompromised sound quality. Just like the original, the new 1073SPX features an all-Class A preamp and classic three-band EQ, which includes a fixed high-frequency shelf, two selectable bands with boost and cut capabilities, as well as a high pass filter.

Unlike the original, the new 1073SPX introduces a number of new features to help streamline your workflow in modern studios. The front panel now includes an integrated DI input, a dedicated insert that offers true bypass, input and output level meters, and an additional input connector that accepts microphone or line level for easy and direct connection.

In our latest Quick Hits video, we hit the studio with our friends Julia Kahn, Josh Barker, Chris Farney and Kevin Schuck to record a live version of her song “Reaching” using the Neve 1073SPX, including vocals, synth bass, drums and guitar. This session was recorded by Anthony Vaticalos at the Vintage King Nashville Showroom using the following gear:

  • Vocals (Julia Kahn): Shure SM7B
  • Synth Bass (Josh Barker): Stereo DI
  • Kick Trigger (Chris Farney): DI
  • Snare (Chris Farney): Shure SM57
  • Hi-Hat (Chris Farney): Electro Voice RE20
  • Electric Guitar (Kevin Schuck): Stereo DI

Josh FrostIf you're interested in purchasing the Neve 1073SPX preamp and EQ, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.