The rumors are true! Neumann is reissuing one of the most iconic mics in the esteemed brand’s catalog, the M 49. Credited with changing the landscape of recording during the 50s and 60s, the M 49 set the reference sound for blues, jazz, pop, and classical music. From legends such as Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, or Barbra Streisand to today’s top talents like Adele, the sweet sounds of the original M49 can be heard on countless classic records.

Over the past few years, Neumann’s top engineers have quietly been working on an updated model that is acoustically identical to the historic version, even in direct AB comparisons. Handmade in Germany, each M 49 V ($8,499) microphone is built to the original specifications, using archived documentation to ensure hyper-accurate sound. In this blog, we’ll spill all of the details about the highly-anticipated new M 49 V, including the new improvements to the original design. 

Neumann M 49 V Tube Mic

A painstakingly accurate recreation of the original Neumann M 49, the new M 49 V is a versatile large diaphragm tube mic with a silky, warm, and magically rich sound that works well on a variety of instruments—especially vocal recordings.

When it was first introduced in 1951, the Neumann M 49 took recording and broadcast studios by storm. Equipped with a then-cutting-edge remote-controlled polar pattern from omnidirectional to cardioid to figure-8. At the time, most mics were fixed installs, making the M 49 a versatile mic for almost any source. Today, the newly-designed pattern control unit on the M 49 V automatically adapts to mains voltage to suit today’s digital workflows.

At this point, you may be wondering, "What does the V stand for?" The new M 49 V (short for variable) is available in three unique variants. The stock option uses the same circuit as the M 49 C, but with an even lower noise subminiature tube. However, the mic can be switched internally to a second circuit which extends the bass sensitivity and drops the high-pass frequency to an incredible 12 Hz. Additionally, a third circuit offers a fixed cardioid-only variant, which increases the sensitivity by 2 dB and reduces the equivalent noise level by 3 dB.

It's important to note that these variants are built to order, meaning the techs at Neumann will configure your mic before shipping. For more information, contact your Vintage King Audio Consultant.

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