Neve 88M interface

On the first day of the 2022 NAMM Show, AMS Neve announced the new 88M ($1245) dual mic pre and USB interface. Utilizing the same technology found in Neve’s flagship 88RS console, the 88M brings the brand’s legendary sound to a compact desktop interface.

The all-new 88M USB audio interface combines two studio-quality preamps with mastering-grade AD/DA converters powered by class-leading ESS Chip Sets. The mic, line and DI inputs on the new 88M are all transformer-balanced using Neve’s exclusive Marinair transformers, making it easy to capture the classic Neve sound even when you go direct.

When it comes to monitoring, the 88M uses the same iconic red monitor level control as the 88RS console, complete with a center indent set at -12dB below maximum output for calibrating your speakers to an ideal listening level. The built-in headphone amp has very high headroom and independent level control and is designed to work with modern studio headphones.

Push the headphone volume knob to toggle through four different playback modes: direct stereo, mix, DAW and mono mix. These monitoring options provide simple, latency-free solutions for tracking, playback or overdubbing stereo or mono microphone sources.

In addition to the two analog inputs on the front, the 88M features ADAT input and output on the back for expanding your I/O with up to eight extra inputs and outputs, while balanced inserts on the back made it easy to connect your favorite outboard gear.

Best of all, the new 88M delivers classic Neve sound, right out of the box. It’s bus-powered via USB 3.0 and is completely plug and play on both Mac and PC. Plus, with a rugged design featuring Neutrik connectors and Neve console parts, you can take it with you wherever you go.

We recently got hands-on with the new Neve 88M and used the interface to record a track at the Vintage King Nashville Showroom. Watch below to learn more about the interface and hear how it faired during our session with Julia Kahn (vocals) and our very own Kevin Schuck (guitar). 

Anthony VaticalosInterested in learning more about the new Neve 88M audio interface? Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.