We’ve seen lots of amazing gear over the years, but nothing compares to the mint-in-box vintage Neumann U 67 that recently came through our workshop. A once-in-a-lifetime find, this 50-plus-year-old mic is still in the original box with all of the packaging, including the original power supply and shock mount, as well as the original XLR and AC cables. 

We spoke with Vintage King Audio Microphone Technician Tim "Timmo" Johnson to learn more about what it was like restoring this priceless vintage mic.

The successor to the renowned U 47, the U 67 introduced a number of new features including a dual-capsule, a mylar capsule membrane, a third polar pattern, a new angled grille housing, plus a new cutoff filter and pad switch. All of these improvements work together to deliver a phenomenal tone that sounds great on any sound source.

“I’ve been working as a Vintage King Audio Technician for 25 years and working on mics exclusively for 19 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before. This mic is in perfect condition.”

After careful examination, Timmo determined that the U 67 mic here was likely never used—the only blemish is a small indent on the box from where the cable laid coiled on top. Mailed directly from Gotham, England to a dealer in Honolulu, Hawaii, this mic sat unused for decades until it was discovered and auctioned off.

Based on the serial number (#1382) and capsule (more on that later), Timmo was able to date this microphone in the early to mid-1960s. Originally introduced in 1960, the Neumann U 67 featured an all-brass K67 capsule before switching to a fiberboard design around 1966. In addition to the original capsule, this mic also includes the original Telefunken EF86 tube and power supply (model NU67u #1824).

After ample testing and some minor updates, this vintage Neumann U 67 was sold to audio gear collectors Studio DeDe in Tokyo, Japan. Check out our Hall of Fame page to learn more about the legendary Neumann U 67, or head to our Vintage and Used section to browse our collection of vintage mics.