Dangerous 2-BUS-XT

At the 2022 NAMM Show, Dangerous Music unveiled the new 2-BUS-XT Summing Mixer ($1999), combining the brand’s pioneering technology from the best-selling 2-BUS+ with the compact form factor of the beloved 2-BUS-LT. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the new 2-BUS-XT and discuss what separates it from some of Dangerous’ other popular summing mixers. 

The 2-BUS-XT is a 16-channel analog summing mixer that makes it easy to capture true analog tone while mixing in the box. Leveraging the same active analog summing circuit found in the legendary 2-BUS+, the 2-BUS-XT delivers Dangerous’ unsurpassed imaging, dimensionality, punch and headroom.

In addition to 16 channels of pristine summing, the new 2-BUS-XT also includes two new custom analog color circuits for shaping and sculpting your mixes. The transformers for the new X-FORMER III circuit were specifically chosen to add a tasteful hit of 2nd order harmonics for lower midrange warmth while preserving top-end clarity. Coherence elevates the harmonic content of signals progressively by bringing up the detail as the levels are reduced. Use the mix knob to blend this effect with the source mix to add excitement and dimensional complexity.

Best of all, both color circuits are super flexible and can be assigned to a pair of tracks, an aux send or the entire mix. Plus, true hard-wired bypasses ensure they stay out of the way when you’re not using them. 

As with all Dangerous Music products, the 2-BUS-XT is easily expandable and seamlessly integrates with other products in the Dangerous System. You can stack multiple units for higher channel counts, pair the 2-BUS-XT with the 2-BUS+ for three different color circuits, or add in the D-BOX+ for comprehensive monitor control.

Miles PetersonIf you have any questions about the new 2-BUS-XT or any of the amazing gear from Dangerous Music, we're here to help. Please contact Vintage King Los Angeles via email or by phone at 213.984.4000.