In 2016, API Audio introduced TranZformer LX and TranZformer GT effects pedals, featuring the brand’s iconic API 525 compressor circuit and a tone control based on the API 553 EQ. Recently, the brand released the new API Select TranZformer LLX ($295), an upgraded version of the original LX bass effects pedal that packs a number of improvements into a compact new design. Read on learn more about why we’re so excited for the new API Select TranZformer LLX.

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the new API bass pedal is that it’s significantly smaller than the original LX. Designed to easily fit into your pedal board and engineered to run on standard 9V or 18V power supplies, the LLX is just 4.6” x 3.5”. But don’t let its size fool you—this small but mighty pedal still delivers API’s signature sound.

Much like the other products in the API Select range, the TranZformer LLX pedal combines the brand’s classic component structure with new exciting new tech. Just like the original, the LLX offers +/- 15dB of gain on three frequencies specially chosen for sculpting bass sounds. While the 100 and 400 Hz bands use traditional bell curves, the 2 kHz band features a selectable peak/shelf switch for added versatility. 

Under the hood, the new LLX pedal combines API’s legendary 2510 OpAmp and signature output transformer, complete with a custom overdrive circuit for added grit. Simply switch from Boost to Overdrive mode to drive the input OpAmp and add even more tones to your arsenal. Other features include a buffered bypass, -20dB output pad, and an impressive 40 dB of gain.


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