German monitor heavyweights ADAM Audio have garnered great acclaim over the past 20 years for its impressive line-up of industry-leading monitors, from the flagship S Series to the affordable T series line. Now, the Berlin-based company is back to unveil the next evolution of its acclaimed AX Series line of loudspeakers: the A Series. 

ADAM’s new A Series line of studio monitors includes the A8H left and right speakers, A77H, A7V, A44H and A4V. Under the hood, A Series studio monitors sport a number of improvements over the original AX Series, including a new X-ART AMT tweeter, Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) drivers, onboard DSP and more. Ideal for studios of any size, A Series studio monitors will undoubtedly turn heads in control rooms all over the world. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at each of the new models to help you find the right solution for your space.


The pinnacle of ADAM’s A Series, the A8H is a three-way speaker that delivers unparalleled accuracy. The A8H makes use of ADAM’s new 8” MLM woofers for their linear output and clean reproduction of low end. Adapted from the groundbreaking DCH midrange driver used by the S Series speaker, the A Series midrange driver delivers accurate, detailed mids. Finally, the new X-ART Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter ensures higher power handling and better directivity control. Utilizing the DSP and room adaptation capabilities, this addition to the series finds itself at home in almost any control room, delivering clinically accurate audio. Those seeking the most neutral and accurate monitoring amongst the new A Series will find the A8H particularly tough to beat.


The successor to the A77X, the A77H is a true three-way midfield monitor that utilizes dual 7” woofers, the midrange driver from the high-end S Series, and ADAM’s trusted X-ART tweeter for an incredibly wide frequency response. Utilizing virtually all of the technological advancements of the new A Series, the A77H delivers a rich, spacious sound in almost any environment. Thoughtful touches like improved cabinet construction, a new front-panel porting design and flexible inputs make the A77H a solid choice in any studio.


Since its release, the ADAM A7 and A7X studio monitors have earned their place as one of the most popular monitors in modern history. Now, ADAM brings us the A7V, a modern evolution of the prized speaker, with thoughtful new improvements. The MLM drivers found in new A Series speakers deliver rigid, stable reproduction of low frequencies; you’ll immediately notice the tight, clean tone of the low end in your mixes. Utilizing the built-in DSP, users will unlock the full potential of their mixing spaces, as the ADAM A7V works to adapt to your room’s acoustics. Less port noise and increased output make the new 7” model a clear winner.


Those wanting similar results to the A7V in a lower profile form factor will find the A44H to be a great new option. Two 4” woofers (utilizing the aforementioned MLM technology) flank a central X-ART tweeter that can also be rotated, making this particular monitor is incredibly adaptable. This footprint also allows the A44H to function as a center speaker option in immersive audio systems such as Dolby Atmos. Like the rest of the new A Series monitors, the A44H lets users utilize DSP and room adaptation switches to dial in the most accurate results for your environment. And with a compact 19”-wide form factor, these flexible monitors work well in a variety of setups, from simple stereo systems to fully immersive mix rooms.


A4V studio monitors deliver the honest, high-quality sound of the ADAM A Series in a compact package. Thanks in part to the classic X-ART tweeter that’s become Adam’s calling card, the A4V covers an incredibly broad range. With just a 4” woofer, these powerful monitors deliver an impressive frequency response reaching all the way from 53 Hz to 42 kHz. With DSP onboard to help you tune speakers to your room, this concise two-way monitor allows you to dial in the best results for any room you set up in. Overall, the A4V makes an excellent choice for those listening in small control rooms or wanting to explore 3D listening setups.


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