Today, Soyuz Microphones announced a new limited edition version of the popular SU-023 Bomblet called the 023 Brass Black ($1499). Limited to just 80 copies worldwide, the 023 Brass Black features an upgraded brass body and exclusive black finish. 

Soyuz first unveiled the Brass Black Series in 2021 with the release of the 017 Brass Black, which sold out the same day, so be sure to snag one of the new 023 Brass Black mics while they’re still available!  

The 023 Brass Black utilizes a one-of-a-kind finishing process known as “bluing,” which prevents metals from rusting and gives the mic a unique black finish. By oxidizing the brass, the expert team at Soyuz creates a protective coat of magnetite, giving the mic its unique hue and patina.

Aside from its stylish appearance and upgraded body, the 023 Brass Black is the same world-class FET microphone we all know and love. Its forgiving top-end, smooth midrange and thick lows make it a go-to for vocal recording, while its high SPL capabilities make it a solid choice for guitar cabs, drums and just about anything else. 

Equipped with Soyuz’ ​​hand-machined S23 capsule, inspired by the fabled CK12 capsule and a custom toroidal transformer, the 023 Brass Black delivers the color and depth of mics well above its price range.

Remember, there will only be 80 023 Brass Black microphones made and divided among retailers around the world, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of Soyuz history! 

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