Universal Audio are known for their innovative audio interfaces and cutting-edge analog-modeled plug-ins. But today, UA is introducing their very first mic; the SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone ($299)!

Tailor-made for close-micing vocals and instruments, SD-1’s simple dynamic design naturally rejects unwanted background noise for focused, detailed recordings. Additionally, the internal shock mount and built-in windscreen help reduce plosives and handling noise for crystal-clear sound.

The selectable low-cut filter and enhanced articulation boost make it easy to dial in the sound you’re looking for. Plus, when recording with an Apollo audio interface, you can instantly enhance your recordings using custom SD-1 mic presets, featuring radio-ready EQ and compression settings for vocals, guitars, and more.

Ready to hear it in action? In this installment of Quick Hits, we’re using the Universal Audio SD-1 Standard Dynamic microphone on performances from Mark Thress (vocals), Julia Kahn (vocals) and Kevin Schuck (guitar).



Mark vocal: 

  • SD-1 > Volt 276 (Clean)
  • SD-1 > Volt 276 (Vintage)
  • SD-1 > Apollo Twin > Unison Preamp: Helios Type 69 > 1176LN Legacy compressor > EMT 140 reverb

Julia vocal:

  • SD-1 > Volt 276 (Clean)
  • SD-1 > Volt 276 (Vintage) + 76 VOC
  • SD-1 > Apollo Twin > SD-1 Lead Vox Preset > EMT 140 reverb


  • SD-1 > Volt 276 (Clean)
  • SD-1 > Volt 276 (Vintage) + 76 GTR
  • SD-1 > Volt 276 (Vintage)


Josh FrostIf you have questions about the SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone or would like to purchase Universal Audio hardware or software, our team is ready to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.