Last year, Focal unveiled the Alpha Evo line, including the Alpha 65 Evo and Alpha 50 Evo. Now, Focal returns to market with new offerings to sweeten up the Evo Range even more with the new Alpha 80 Evo ($549 per monitor) and Alpha Twin Evo ($659 per monitor) studio monitors, as well as the highly-anticipated Sub One ($999) subwoofer. In this blog, we'll offer your first look at the new monitors and break down what you can expect when unboxing them.

Alpha 80 Evo

Driven by an 8" woofer paired with a 1" tweeter, the Alpha 80 Evo represents a powerful addition to the Alpha Evo line. Utilizing a Slatefiber cone (recycled carbon fiber made by Focal), the Alpha 80 achieves an impressively neutral tone and exhibits excellent dynamics. The back panel reveals thoughtful touches, including three sets of inputs (XLR, TRS, RCA) and an optional standby mode, allowing users to save energy. A front-ported design makes for easier use in cramped rooms that would otherwise augment low end, allowing users more flexibility in playback rooms. Those impressed by the earlier Alpha 65 will find the more robust and powerful Alpha 80 to be an excellent, balanced-sounding choice for even the most discerning monitoring applications. 

Alpha Twin Evo

Those wanting a horizontally positioned monitoring system will find great interest in Focal's new Alpha Twin Evo. Making use of a centered 1" tweeter flanked by two 6.5" woofers, the Alpha Twin Evo has no problem reaching down to an impressive 38 Hz and all the way up to 22kHz. Like the Alpha 80 Evo, the Alpha Twin Evo uses a front-porting design to disperse low-end information without the extra augmentation that often comes from traditional rear-ported designs. The Alpha Twin Evo is built with the same state-of-the-art Slatefiber cones to deliver incredibly neutral sound and also features the other appointments shared in the Alpha Evo range, like automatic standby and adjustable bass/treble settings. Those seeking neutral reproduction of low end will love the bass response of the new Alpha Twin Evo.

Sub One

A long-awaited addition to the Alpha Evo range, the Sub One subwoofer sounds great when paired with any studio monitors, but compliments the Alpha Evo range of studio monitors exceptionally well. Like the rest of the line, this model features Slatefiber cones in its two woofers for greater rigidity, which is especially important in low-end reproduction. With front-firing ports, Sub One sounds great in any position—even when placed up against a wall or in other positions that would otherwise smear the low-end information in the room. And with a power rating of 200 Watts RMS, the Sub One pumps out impressive SPLs while meaning minimal distortion and excellent dynamics for accurate monitoring. Capable of recreating frequencies as low as 32 Hz, the Sub One is the perfect low-frequency extension for small, mid-sized and even large studios.


Tyler LindIf you would like to purchase the new Focal Alpha 80 Evo or Alpha Twin Evo studio monitors, or the new Sub One subwoofer we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.