Black Friday is officially here at Vintage King, and as always, we've got hundreds of ways for you to save during our annual sale. To kick things off, we're going to be taking a look at all of the different microphone brands that are currently on sale. Keep checking back as we will be dropping new deals and promos every single day, and you won't want to miss what's coming later this week.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Select AEA Microphones (11/19/2021 - 12/8/2021) Product Spotlight: AEA KU5A Known as one of the leading purveyors of ribbon mics, AEA delivers another hit with the KU5A, a supercardioid ribbon mic with great rejection of room noise. Inspired by the classic RCA BK-5, AEA embraces the unidirectional design in the KU5A, allowing for use in environments like the control room without fear of picking up unwanted sounds. Designed using active electronics, the KU5A produces strong output normally uncharacteristic of ribbon mics, meaning this mic will pair well with virtually any preamp. The builtin high pass filter allows easy roll off of boomy low end, and the classic yoke mount design makes for easy stand mounting.

Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $100 On Apogee Microphones (11/19/2021 - 11/30/2021) Product Spotlight: Apogee HypeMic Apogee’s HypeMic has become a great choice for those wanting a simple-to-use USB mic with great sounding results. The microphone features onboard analog compression with three settings, which sets it apart from other USB mics on the market. The HypeMic’s design is delightfully easy to use, with one rotary knob used to set both input gain and the desired compression setting. An onboard headphone jack allows for easy monitoring, and the USB output means you can set this mic up in seconds when recording on the go.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Select FLEA Microphones (11/22/2021 - 12/6/2021) Product Spotlight: FLEA 49 The Neumann M49 is one of the most iconic mics in recording history. FLEA Microphones offers up its impressive, painstaking reproduction of the classic with their FlEA 49. At the heart of the FLEA 49 is the F7 capsule, FLEA’s exact clone of the legendary M7. The mic’s transformer is also an exact replica of that found in the vintage Neumann. Giving the FLEA 49 a listen, you’ll see why distinguished studios like Air Studios London and Red Bull Music Studios keep them in their microphone lockers.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Select Lauten Audio Microphones (11/19/2021 - 12/7/2021) Product Spotlight: Lauten LA-320 The LA-320 is a tube large diaphragm condenser from Lauten’s Black Series that packs a lot of features into a surprisingly affordable microphone. With onboard Low Cut and High Cut filters, as well as a transformer balanced output, the LA-320 is equipped with many of the features normally only found in high end LDCs that demand thousands more. Impressive, rich sounding recordings prove that this mic punches way above its price point.

Black Friday Deal: Save $120 On Mesanovic Model 2 (11/22/2021 - 12/6/2021) Product Spotlight: Mesanovic Model 2 A super modern ribbon mic design, the Model 2 from Mesanovic captures high frequency detail by utilizing a ribbon motor design. The microphone features classic ribbon smoothness with an open and transparent low end. All of the mics in Mesanovic’s line offer impressively fast transient response, so the Model 2 is a smart pick for drum duties needing some strong snap, as well as the expected duties of guitar amps and brass. Each of the company’s products is handcrafted in Detroit, and each also features a generous lifetime warranty.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Microtech Gefell Microphones (11/22/2021 - 12/6/2021) Product Spotlight: Microtech Gefell M300 Stereo Set Microtech Gefell is a known favorite in the studio, thanks to the high end German sound the brand's microphones achieve. The M300 is a small diaphragm cardioid condenser with a sweet, open treble bump in the high end, but don’t let the high frequency response fool you. The M300 sounds smooth and natural, capturing that “right there in the room” sound of a great performance without harsh tendencies. The neutral tone of these pencil-style mics lends itself to sources not wanting coloration, often making the Gefell a strong pick for drum overheads and acoustic guitars.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Mojave Audio Microphones (11/22/2021 - 12/6/2021) Product Spotlight: Mojave Audio MA-1000 Most audio engineers are very familiar with the work of David Royer, as he has brought us modern classics like the R-121. Mojave Audio, David’s other mic company, brings us yet another example of the man’s brilliant work with the MA-1000. Designed with an ELA M 251 style capsule and utilizing new old stock tubes, the Mojave MA-1000 is one of the richest, sweetest sounding modern tube microphones on the market. With it's multi-pattern design, the MA-1000 proves to be quite flexible on a number of sources from drum overheads to vocals, reproducing smooth, lifelike sounds easily.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Pearlman Microphones (11/22/2021 - 12/6/2021) Product Spotlight: Pearlman TM1 Handmade by Dave Pearlman himself, the TM-1 offers an incredible amount of high end tube mic sound, while still boasting a pricetag that makes it attainable to project studios and classic recording spaces alike. Using a custom Cinemag transformer and WIMA capacitors, the TM-1 is hand wired point-to-point, making it a very thorough microphone with the same attention to quality as the icons of yesterday. Pearlman uses a NOS (New Old Stock) EF80 tube to attain an incredibly close result to that of the VF14 found in the legendary U47, and as a result, the mic sports some of the warm, rich character of the icon.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Peluso Microphone Labs (11/22/2021 - 12/6/2021) Product Spotlight: Peluso Microphone Labs P280 Microphone heavyweights Peluso Microphone Labs bring us the P-280, an ultra high fidelity modern-sounding tube mic to join their ranks of favorites. The P-280 comes as an original design, distinguishing itself from others in the line that evoke classic pieces. Using a 5654W tube (EF95), the P-280 attains smooth, open high frequencies while maintaining a warm sound that never verges on harsh or brittle. A hi-fi, neutral sound comes easy, while keeping the richness that only a tube mic can deliver.

Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $40 On Shure Microphones (11/22/2021 - 12/31/2021) Product Spotlight: Shure SM7B One of the most beloved dynamic microphones in studio history, the Shure SM7B has proven truly to be the definition of a modern classic. From broadcast to vocal takes to guitar cabs and more, the SM7B handles it all with a crisp sound that cuts through mixes. One great feature of the SM7B is it’s impressive rejection of noise, making this a great choice for overdub recording in control rooms or other locations with room noise. Just like other classic Shure mics, the SM7B is incredibly durable, meaning you can take it with you for on-the-go tracking scenarios.

Black Friday Deal: Save $300 On Slate Digital's ML-1 Modeling Microphone (11/1/2021 - 12/6/2021) Product Spotlight: Slate Digital ML-1 As Slate Digital’s contribution to the world of large diaphragm microphones, the ML-1 is a high tech solution for those wanting access to a wide variety of mic voicings. The modeling microphones comes with emulations that range from classics like the 251 sound to modern pop vocal mics like the 800, so users can easily A/B and select the right mic for each job. With Slate’s ML-1 system, you even get to choose which preamp emulation you want to pair with the mic, so adding that classic console sound is a breeze. The powerful processing suite makes this system an indispensable tool for engineers wanting flexibility.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Soyuz Microphones (11/26/2021 - 11/29/2021) Product Spotlight: Soyuz 023 Bomblet Handmade in Russia, Soyuz has made plenty of waves with their unmistakeable design and high end sound quality. The capsule in the Bomblet is the company’s take on the LOMO 19A19, an iconic vintage Soviet mic. The 023’s capsule uses a complex triple backplate system, something not found in virtually any other mic on the market. As a result, you get a thick, warm tone that adds weight to sounds without sounding dark. Each mic is hand made in the Soyuz factory, and the quality to detail immediately implies a much higher price tag– so does the gorgeous, vibey styling.

Black Friday Deal: Save 10% On Select Stager Microphones (11/22/2021 - 12/6/2021) Product Spotlight: Stager SR-2N Stager Microphones designed the SR-2N to deliver a huge sounding mic in a small footprint. Using a neodymium ribbon motor and a toroidal transformer on the output stage, the SR-2N features the kind of detail, clarity and fast transient response that great ribbon mics are known for. Offered in the classic figure 8 pattern, an SR-2N is one of our favorite picks for close up on a guitar cab, and also captures a clear, comprehensive sound when used as a room mic.

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off Tula Microphones Product Spotlight: Tula USB Microphone An attractive, concise mic, the Tula is great for those needing a USB mic that performs like that of a studio option. Podcasters and those needing to knock out voiceover style work with ease will find the Tula to scratch the itch perfectly. Thoughtful features like an onboard recording option for up to 12 hours of content make note taking a recalling ideas very simple, while the onboard noise reduction setting proves immediately valuable to those needing to record in loud or noisy atmospheres. Side panel button controls allow for easy dialing in, and the retro styling suggests a classy alternative to other USB mics in the segment. Rest assured, sound quality sees no cut corners with this mic, as Tula’s designers come from trusted names like Soyuz Microphones and Teenage Engineering. For the small footprint and price, the Tula represents a great quality tool!

Black Friday Deal: Save Up To $150 On Select Warm Audio Microphones (10/1/2022 - 12/31/2021) Product Spotlight: Warm Audio WA-67 In recent years, Warm Audio have become one of the most known names in the industry for their reproductions of classic gear. Keeping the momentum that put their WA-76 and WA-47 on the map, Warm delivers the WA-67, its take on the classic U67 design. Utilizing a custom, all brass K67 style capsule and an EF86 tube, Warm’s 67 imparts the creamy, mid-forward tone that lead engineers to revere the U67. Studios wanting a versatile, iconic sounding tube mic will find the WA-67 to be some of the best value in the segment.

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