Universal Audio has just announced the new Volt recording interface series featuring classic analog tone shaping capabilities. The UA Volt lineup combines pristine audio quality with versatile effects in a compact package that's perfect for recording music, podcasts and live streaming anywhere you want.

There are five interfaces in the Universal Audio Volt series;  the Volt 1 ($139), Volt 2 ($189), Volt 176 ($249), Volt 276 ($299) and Volt 476 ($369). Before we break down each release, watch our new video featuring an overview of the line and a walkthrough of a song completely tracked with a UA Volt interface and its companion software.


With a retro-inspired industrial design, the Volt Series continues Universal Audio's tradition of sleek, high-quality interfaces with five desktop models and two convenient Studio Packs. Each Volt interface features the brand's industry-leading preamps, which feature a Vintage Mic Preamp mode derived from the renowned Universal Audio 610 tube preamp. Capture the rich, full sound of this classic mic pre using UA's exclusive switchable tube-emulation circuitry.

Universal Audio Volt interfaces also come bundled with a suite of music production tools, virtual instruments and plug-ins, including Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM's Virtual Drummer, plus software from Marshall, Ampeg and more. Each UA Volt interface also includes dedicated MIDI input and output so you can sync up your favorite synth or MIDI controller to take full advantage of the included software.

UA Volt interfaces make it easy to create professional-quality productions on almost any platform with a versatile USB connection and compatibility with Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone. And with industry-leading 24-bit/192kHz converters, you can capture studio-quality sound anywhere you go. Ready to take a closer look?

Universal Audio Volt 1 Audio Interface

The Universal Audio Volt 1 is a 1-in/2-out USB desktop recording interface designed for singer-songwriters, guitarists, podcasters and live streamers. A front-facing combo jack makes it easy to capture mic, line or instrument level signals with +48v for condenser microphones. Engage the Vintage button to instantly inject some vintage vibe into your recordings using UA's tube emulation circuit. Monitor your performance with zero latency using the built-in headphone output, dedicated volume controls and switchable direct monitoring button. A separate monitor controller feeds the rear line-level monitor outputs.

Universal Audio Volt 2 Audio Interface

The UA Volt 2 is a 2-in/2-out USB desktop recording interface that's perfect for collaborating. It includes all of the same features as the Volt 1, plus an additional combo jack for multi-track or stereo audio recordings.

Universal Audio Volt 176 Audio Interface

The Universal Audio Volt 176 includes all of the same features as the UA Volt 1, plus an onboard analog compressor based on Universal Audio's iconic 1176 design. Perfect for adding clarity and punch to vocals, instruments and more, the 76 Compressor features an innovative analog circuit with three presets tailor-made for vocals, guitar and a dedicated "fast" setting.

In addition to the built-in analog compressor, the UA Volt 176 features a larger chassis with built-in input and output metering. Large knobs for preamp levels and audio output make it easy to dial in the right settings. Plus, the sleek industrial design with retro wooden side panels makes the Volt 176 the perfect desktop companion.

Universal Audio Volt 276 Audio Interface

The Universal Audio Volt 276 is a 2-in/2-out interface that features the same basic set-up as the UA Volt 2, but with one big difference. This interface features onboard 76 compressors for both mic pres, which means you can track two sources at the same time and apply different compression presets. Whether you want both sources to have different kinds of compression, only want to track one source with compression or don't need any compression at all, the choice is yours with the UA Volt 276.

Universal Audio Volt 476 Audio Interface

The Universal Audio Volt 476 is the largest and most comprehensive model in the UA Volt lineup with two front-panel combo jack inputs, two rear line-level inputs, four line outputs and two dedicated monitor outputs (not to mention MIDI I/O). As with the other units in the series, Volt 476 features a front-panel headphone jack and volume control, gain controls for both preamps and a dedicated monitor output controller.

Each preamp has its own 76 Compressor, allowing you to mutli-track with analog compression or even apply stereo bus compression to your mix. Four Monitor Source options allow you to quickly and easily build a custom monitor mix, while four input meters and four output meters make it easy to keep an eye on your levels.

As previously mentioned, Universal Audio has created two Studio Packs including UA Volt interfaces that give you everything needed to start recording. The Volt 2 Studio Pack and Volt 276 Studio Pack include each respective interface, in addition to a condenser microphone, closed-back headphones, XLR cables and software bundle.

Brian GrossIf you're interested in purchasing a Universal Audio Volt interface or have questions about the new lineup, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.