Since its release in April 2020, Universal Audio's LUNA Recording System has been adopted by music creators all over the world. The free software enables users to track, mix and master in an environment that seamlessly integrates with Universal Audio's interfaces, plug-ins, software instruments and more.

Today, Universal Audio is unleashing the latest update for the LUNA Recording System with LUNA v1.2. This version of the recording software introduces control surface support and sidechain integration. What does that mean for all you LUNA users out there? Let's get into it!

LUNA Delivers Control Surface Support

LUNA users have been clamoring for control surface support since the launch of the recording system and Universal Audio is giving it to them. It's now possible to perform fader movements and adjust mixer parameters using compatible desktop MCU control surfaces or DAW controller apps on your phone or tablet.

Universal Audio is also giving engineers the ability to use a Bus Spill feature, which lays out the individual tracks feeding a bus. Last, but not least, there is Focus Module mode. Focus Module mode enables users to integrate single fader surfaces into larger surface configurations.

In total, it's possible to configure up to six MCU compatible control surfaces on LUNA's new CONTROLLERS tab. Control surfaces supported by LUNA include SSL UF8, PreSonus FaderPort Classic, Presonus FaderPort (2nd Generation), PreSonus FaderPort 8, PreSonus FaderPort 16, Behringer X-Touch One, Behringer X-Touch, Icon Pro Audio QCon Pro G2 and DAW Control (iPadOS app). If you own a different control surface supported by MCU protocol, but don't see it here, you still will be able to use your gear. Head here for set-up tips!

Sidechain Integration Within The LUNA Recording System

With the release of LUNA v1.2, Universal Audio is introducing a new dedicated Sidechain Input in LUNA's utility row. Engineers working within LUNA will now be able to apply all compatible plug-ins and extensions to tracks and create incredible mix effects. Currently, the list of compatible plug-ins includes third party Audio Units and API LUNA extensions.


As always, this software is free to download for all Thunderbolt Apollo interface owners who utilize a Mac running 10.14 or later. For those curious about the latest version of LUNA and prior updates, please check out our LUNA update guide.

If you'd like to learn more about LUNA, watch our three-part video series called Exploration: LUNA below to see how we recorded, mixed and mastered a song within the recording system.



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