In the realm of pro audio, continued learning of new techniques is vital to perfecting your craft. Luckily, there are many incredible resources out there for further educating yourself in the world of engineering and production. Some forms of media are great for dipping your toes in and learning a new trick, but podcasts can expand on new information in a more long-form approach.

Podcasting has truly become a highly effective platform for learning in our industry. World-class engineers regularly can be found talking on podcasts about many of their integral practices, all without the hindrances of time constraints and visuals. Who better to learn from than the people making timeless sounding records and the hits of today? No one.

Last year, we went in-depth on the blog about some of our favorite podcasts for audio engineers and producers. We're back in 2021 with some new additions to the list and we hope you'll check them out!

Sound On Sound: Recording & Mixing

A concise, easy to digest podcast on the subject is Sound on Sound's Recording & Mixing Podcast. The beloved music mag makers offer 15 to 20-minute episodes focused on a topic (delay throws, transient shaping) that are led by established engineers. Listeners get a well rounded education on each topic, starting with introduction and history then diving into examples of effective ways to use each. Those wanting a more practical approach to learning will find this podcast a great choice with its in depth scenarios and overall short timeframe that allows for quick learning. In addition to the how-tos, they also talk with manufacturers about new gear. Whether you're looking to establish new production chops or just want to listen to a great conversation, the Sound On Sound Recording & Mixing podcast is a great place to start.


Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle Podcast

From the same mind that brought you classics like The Mix Engineer’s Handbook, the Inner Circle Podcast follows discussions led by Bobby Owsinski pertaining to the industry of music production and the business world surrounding it. At about 45 minutes an episode, Owsinski’s podcast is a good pick for those wanting to listen and learn while commuting to and from work. Episodes topics include streaming trends and market forces, in addition to interviews with creators like Mark Rubel, Scott Hull and more. This podcast offers a more rounded insight into the music industry and listeners should find their mix knowledge and business acumen elevated after checking out a few episodes.


Recording Studio Rockstars

Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous in the category, Lij Shaw’s Recording Studio Rockstars features weekly long form interview discussions with virtually all of the big names in the music production scene. Talking to industry giants like Michael Brauer and Larry Droppa, Lij goes in depth to learn the history, philosophies and best tricks that producers and gear designers have to offer. A lengthy podcast by design, each episode is over 100 minutes, allowing listeners to hear in great detail the thoughts of engineers they look up to. With over 300 episodes, there’s plenty for hungry minds to dig into and lots of perspectives from every corner of the industry.


Recording Lounge Podcast

Hosted by engineer Kendal Osborne, The Recording Lounge Podcast explores topics relevant to the contemporary studio environment. We're talking things like using saturation in the box and understanding latency in your recording scenarios. Self described as a “no fluff” show, The Recording Lounge Podcast offers honest discussions that shed insight from engineer to engineer. In listening, you’ll find this show to be the kind that works to improve your overall audio skill set, tackling ideas that allow you to become more well rounded in the art of recording and mixing. Most episodes clock in at just over an hour, meaning this podcast has enough substance to keep you focused, while still being a satisfying listen. With subsequent YouTube videos that build upon podcast topics, there’s plenty to dig into for those hungry to learn.


UBK Happy Funtime Hour

Kush Audio is known for bringing brilliant outboard gear and plug-ins to market, but they also have a great podcast. Dubbing itself the “funniest podcast on music production,” the brand's UBK Happy Funtime Hour hosts deconstruct the psychology behind mixing and mastering a record, the discussion of plug-ins vs analog and answer listener questions. Those wanting a less dense exploration of pro audio work with some laughs added in will find the UBK offering to be perfect.


SonicScoop Podcast

A well-known resource in the audio engineering community, Sonic Scoop supplements its site content with this podcast series hosted by Justin Colletti. Episodes drop weekly in the format of brief recordings spanning 30 minutes or less (in most cases). Offering a shorter run time, those wanting quick segments to provoke thoughts will find this podcast to be a great pick. Justin takes some episodes to talk practical matters like what a mix should cost and dealing with the business side of studio work, while other talks delve into things more focused. Topics include honing sidechain compression skills and utilizing automation to polish mixes. If you find that some discussions are too dry or long for your taste, SonicScoop’s podcast might just be the right fit for your listening.


Mixing Music with Dee Kei and Lu

Led by mix engineers Dee Kei and Lu Moreno, the Mixing Music Podcast focuses on exactly what you’d expect... Cranking out better sounding mixes! The engineers take a look at production concepts like proper gain staging and following loudness protocols and break down each topic into digestible discussions. A particularly good resource for newer engineers, the show prompts listeners to examine the industry more and ways to develop your skills throughout it. Guest spots with names like Bob Horn and Dan Griffin add to the show’s wide perspective, and the ballpark 30-minute episodes often prove to be the perfect duration.

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