Microtech Gefell has been a world leader in microphones for over seven decades. Its storied history finds the brand with a familial link to fellow German mic giant Neumann. Yet, Gefell has cemented an incredible legacy of its own with mic designs for studio, stage and more.

With such a wide array of microphones, Vintage King thought it fitting to break down Gefell's offerings in a Buyer's Guide. We will be going through each class of Gefell's microphones and talking about the differences between base models and variants. But before we do that, a little bit of history...

The History of Microtech Gefell

Georg Neumann is best known for his industry-standard Neumann microphones, but when the original factory was damaged during WWII, he relocated from Berlin to Gefell. In Gefell, he began creating microphones with his technical director Erich Kühnast, his legal adviser Mr. Drechsler and a small team in an abandoned textile factory. After the war ended, Georg Neumann returned to Berlin, but continued making microphones at the Gefell factory under the name of Georg Neumann & Co/Gefell.

Upon the erection of the Berlin Wall in 1961, Neumann and Gefell were not only physically separated, but the brands were unable to communicate. Georg Neumann & Co/Gefell was renamed VEB Mikrofontechnik Gefell and began developing its own unique technology, including solid-state mic amplifiers and lasers.

With Sennheiser purchasing Neumann in the early 1990s, Gefell and Neumann would remain separate entities. Georg Neumann's descendants would come back into the fold at Gefell and join members of the Kühnast and Drechsler families in leading the company into a new era. Gefell has gone on to create a well-defined legacy with impactful microphones design, all of which are designed, built and serviced under one roof in the city the brand is named after.

Microtech Gefell Tube Condenser Microphones

Microtech Gefell CMV 563/M 7S Tube Condenser Mic

The CMV 563/M 7S is Gefell's flagship tube condenser microphone. Based on the original design from 1956, this legendary mic features interchangeable capsules so you can capture the perfect vibe and tone for any recording. The CMV 563 / M7S comes equipped with a cardioid M7S capsule and a low-noise, high-dynamic-range EF86 tube for plenty of vintage vibe. Best of all, using the included G/B adapter, you can swap out the stock capsule for vintage M55K, M7, M8 and M9 capsules!

Microtech Gefell UM 900 Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser

Don't let its compact design fool you, the Gefell UM 900 is a versatile studio workhorse. The Gefell UM 900 is the first switchable pattern, valve condenser microphone that can be connected to standard 48-volt phantom powering using a normal 3-pin XLR microphone cable. Featuring a legendary M7 capsule and a custom design tailor-made to minimize undesirable reflections, the UM 900 delivers clean, colorless sound. Easily achieve the perfect amount of ambiance with selectable omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, hyper cardioid and figure 8 pickup patterns.

Microtech Gefell UM 92.1S Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser

The Gefell UM 92.1S is a large diaphragm, multi-pattern tube mic that combines the legendary sound of the original Neumann-Gefell UM57 with improved reliability and lower noise. Hand-made in the Gefell factory in Germany, the UM 91.2S is equipped with the original M7 capsule, delivering high sensitivity, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a rich, warm sound that singers and soloists love. Ideal for micing a variety of sound sources, the UM 91.2S offers figure-eight, cardioid and omni-directional patterns.

Microtech Gefell M 92.1S Cardioid Tube Condenser

The M 92.1S is a cardioid-only version of the Gefell UM 92.1S tube mic—perfect for recording vocals, guitar and other acoustic instruments.

Microtech Gefell M 990 Cardioid Tube Condenser

The Gefell M 990 combines the classic tube design of the M 92.1S with modern large diaphragm capsule technology for a warm, full-bodied sound that cuts through the mix. Unlike the other tube condensers on this list, the M 990 uses a modern M930 capsule and EF 86 pentode tube (wired as a triode) for improved sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. Plus, the fixed cardioid pickup pattern helps reject unwanted room noise, making it perfect for recording vocals.

Microtech Gefells FET Condensers

Microtech Gefell UM 930 SCT Condenser

The UM 930 is Gefell's flagship multi pattern FET condenser microphone. With two iconic M930 capsules, the UM 930 mic is ready for anything with switchable cardioid, wide cardioid, hyper cardioid, omni and figure 8 pickup patterns. Additionally, the UM 930 "SCT" comes with free SoundCheck Tool software, which helps you quickly dial in the right sound for any vocalist by using a 1 kHz level signal to measure the sensitivity of the microphone in any setting.

Microtech Gefell UM 930 Twin Dual Condenser

The UM 930 Twin is a modified version of the original UM 930 with separate 5-pin XLR outputs for each capsule, allowing you to record the same sound source with two different pickup patterns simultaneously. The front capsule is fixed in the cardioid position, but the rear capsule has a selectable pattern. By adjusting the level of each capsule, you can create custom pickup patterns to capture the ideal amount of ambiance for any recording. You can also seamlessly toggle back and forth between cardioid and other pickup settings for quick comparisons.

Microtech Gefell M 1030 FET Condenser

The M 1030 is a modified version of the original UM 930 condenser mic featuring a precision-tuned capsule. Specially designed for professional voice recording, the M 1030 features a cardioid pickup pattern and a smooth frequency response with a slight presence boost from 8 to 14 kHz to help vocals cut through the mix. Additionally, the M 1030 features a larger body than the original UM 930 to help command a powerful presence in the vocal booth.

Microtech Gefell M 930 Cardioid Condenser

The Gefell M 930 is a stripped-down version of the UM 930. It features the same M930 capsule and a fixed cardioid pickup pattern in a compact package.

Microtech Gefell M 930 TS Cardioid Condenser

The Gefell M 930 TS is a transformer-coupled version of the popular M 930 condenser microphone. It features the same M 930 capsule and fixed cardioid pattern as the original, along with a custom transformer designed to deliver vintage color and character to your recordings.

Microtech Gefell M 950 Wide Cardioid Condenser

The Gefell M 950 is a modified version of the popular M 930 large diaphragm condenser microphone, custom-tuned for instrument recording. It features a wide cardioid pickup pattern for a more natural sound, while still providing rejection from the rear. Perfect for acoustic instruments, the M950 features a smooth frequency response with a slight presence boost from 7 to 11 kHz, adding brilliance and clarity to your recordings.

Microtech Gefell M 940 Supercardioid Condenser

The Gefell M 940 is a supercardioid version of the M 930 large diaphragm condenser microphone. It features a broad pickup pattern with great rejection on the sides for more natural-sounding recordings. The M 940 also features a presence boost from 7 to 11 kHz, making it ideal for instrument recordings.

Microtech Gefell M 960 Omnidirectional Condenser

Ideal for orchestra and choir recordings, the Gefell M960 is a compact large diaphragm omnidirectional microphone that's specially designed to hang overhead and capture the ambiance of a performance. A carefully tailored presence boost adds detail and clarity, while retaining a smooth, natural of-axis response.

Microtech Gefell UMT 800 Multi-Pattern Condenser

The Gefell UMT 800 is a multi-pattern FET condenser featuring the legendary M7 capsule. Choose from five versatile pickup patterns including cardioid, wide cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8 and hypercardioid. Dedicated pad and high-pass filter switches make it easy to dial in the right sound for any source.

Microtech Gefell UMT 70S FET Multi-Pattern Condenser

The Gefell UMT 70S is a transformerless version of the renowned UM 70 condenser mic. Choose between cardioid, omni and figure-8 pickup patterns using a dedicated switch on the mic body. Each pickup pattern features a slightly different frequency response, allowing you to tailor your sound for any recording. The Omni setting features a slight treble boost above 10 kHZ, while the cardioid and figure-8 settings offer a boost in the 4 to 7 kHz range to increase intelligibility.

Microtech Gefell MT 71S Cardioid Condenser

The Gefell MT 71S is a fixed-cardioid version of the UMT 70S, featuring the same exact components and design.

Microtech Gefell M 900 Cardioid Condenser

The M 900 is a large-diaphragm FET condenser unlike any other in the Gefell catalog. In addition to its unique shape, the M 900 features a flat frequency response with a slight boost to the highs for clear, natural recordings.

Microtech Gefell M 910 Hypercardioid Studio Condenser

The Gefell M 910 is a hypercardioid version of the popular M 900 condenser mic that allows you to capture additional ambiance and room noise for more intimate recordings.

Microtech Gefell Small Diaphragm Condensers

Microtech Gefell M 294 Cardioid Pencil Condenser

The Gefell M 294 is a small diaphragm FET condenser mic with a fixed cardioid pattern. It combines the popular MV 200 microphone body with a 40 V M94 capsule and a nickel diaphragm design borrowed from Gefell’s line of measurement mics. The M 294 offers impressive dynamic range, high SPL capabilities and a sharp boost in the 6 - 10 kHZ region to help instruments cut through dense mixes.

Microtech Gefell M 295 Cardioid Pencil Condenser

The Gefell M 295 is identical to the M 294—except it uses an 80 V M 70 capsule to achieve a flatter high frequency response for near-field recording.

Microtech Gefell M 296 Omnidirectional Pencil Condenser

The M 926 is an omnidirectional version of the M 294 small diaphragm condenser microphone.

Microtech Gefell M 297 Wide Cardioid Pencil Condenser

The M 927 is a wide cardioid version of the M 294 small diaphragm condenser microphone.

Microtech Gefell M 200 Studio Condenser

The M 200 uses the same pencil-style SMS 2000 body as the original M 294 mic, but features a detachable M20 cardioid capsule that can be swapped out for separate hypercardioid and omnidirectional capsules.

Microtech Gefell M 210 Hypercardioid Condenser

The M 210 is a hypercardioid version of the M 200 with a detachable M21 capsule.

Microtech Gefell M 270 Omnidirectional Condenser

The M 270 is an omnidirectional version of the M 200 with a detachable M27 capsule.

Microtech Gefell M 300 Cardioid Pencil Condenser

The Gefell M 300 is another cardioid small diaphragm condenser mic with a more compact body style and a brand new M300 capsule that offers a gentle boost above 10 kHz. Perfect for capturing acoustic instruments in any setting!

Microtech Gefell M 310 Hypercardioid Condenser

The Gefell M 310 is a hypercardioid version of the popular M 300 small diaphragm condenser mic and uses the same M300 capsule.

Microtech Gefell M 320 Omnidirectional Studio Condenser

The Gefell M 320 is an omnidirectional version of the popular M 300 small diaphragm condenser mic and uses the same M300 capsule.

Microtech Gefell Measurement Mics

Microtech Gefell M 102

The M 102 is Gefell's premier measurement microphone, offering a linear frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Equipped with the new MK102 measurement-quality capsule, the M 102 delivers balanced, neutral sound that's ideal for instrument recording as well as measurement applications. A fixed omnidirectional pickup pattern makes the M 102 ideal for stereo and Decca Tree mic-ing techniques as well. And with a built-in transistor amplifier, you can rest assured that every record will come out crystal-clear.

Microtech Gefell M 221 Small Diaphragm Omnidirectional Condenser

The M 221 condenser microphone brings together a small-diaphragm capsule with a nickel diaphragm (similar to the M 294/ 295 series) and modular preamplifier. Gefell suggests using this microphone for applications in which the least possible influence on the sound field is desired. This makes it the perfect main mic option for recordings that should have a certain amount of space, in addition to being a great support mic for close miking instruments.

Microtech Gefell M 296 S Measurement Condenser

The M 296 S is a special edition of the popular M 296 small diaphragm condenser microphone, designed specifically for measurement applications with a flatter frequency response.

Microtech Gefell Dynamic Mics

Microtech Gefell MD 300 Dynamic

The MD 300 is a large-diaphragm dynamic microphone designed to deliver powerful broadcast-quality vocals. Although the MD 300 is optimized for voice, it also sounds great on instruments like kick, bass and guitar. It features a small boost between 2 kHz and 8 kHz that helps any source cut through the mix. Plus, its large-grille design prevents unwanted low-end when close micing sources. The MD 300 also comes with a dedicated mic holder that affixes to any standard mic stand.

Microtech Gefell MD 100 Cardioid Dynamic

The Gefell MD 100 is a handheld dynamic microphone with a fixed cardioid pickup pattern, built-in shock mount and integrated pop filter, making it ideal for live vocal performances. Its frequency response is tailored for vocal intelligibility with a small boost in the 2 - 8 kHz range and a sharp drop-off below 200 Hz.

Microtech Gefell MD 110 Supercardioid Dynamic

The MD 110 is a supercardioid version of the popular handheld MD 100 dynamic mic.

Microtech Gefell MD 120 Omnidirectional Dynamic

The MD 120 is an omnidirectional version of the popular handheld MD 100 dynamic mic.

Microtech Gefell Stage Condenser Microphones

Microtech Gefell KEM 975 Cardioid Plane

The Gefell KEM 975 is a multi-capsule line-array condenser microphone system. It uses eight microphones with a broad cardioid pattern, each carefully aligned to cover wide or moving sound sources. This unique design allows the KEM 975 to capture sounds up to three times the distance of traditional omni microphones with the same amount of ambiance and diffusion.

Microtech Gefell PEM 975 Horizontal Cardioid Plane

The PEM 975 is a horizontal version of the KEM 975 Cardioid Plane system featuring a new low-noise circuit design and a redesigned power supply.

Microtech Gefell BM 180

The Gefell BM 180 is a compact omnidirectional condenser microphone, specifically designed to deliver intelligible vocals while performing on noisy stages. It uses Gefell's BMV 100 mic body and BMK 181 capsule and is custom-tuned to eliminate unwanted background noise for a clear, detailed sound. Plus, the unique hanging design makes it easy to ensure proper placement.

Microtech Gefell BM 190

The BM 190 is a cardioid version of the compact BM 180 stage mic.

Microtech Gefell BM 191

The BM 191 is a wide cardioid version of the compact BM 180 stage mic.

Microtech Gefell TM 190.2

The TM 190.2 is a desktop version of the BM 180 stage mic with a cardioid pickup pattern and built-in desktop stand for easy placement.

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