Avid has just announced a fantastic promo with some special incentives for those who are considering a Pro Tools | Carbon Hybrid Audio Production System for their studio. When you buy the interface from Vintage King through December 31, 2021, you'll receive an Auto-Tune Hybrid plug-in and a Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual license for free. That's $2,998 in software for absolutely nothing!

Starting on August 6th, anyone who registers a Pro Tools | Carbon before December 31st will gain immediate access to both software licenses. These licenses will appear automatically in your Avid account after registering your interface, but not before August 6th.

If you bought a Pro Tools | Carbon in the past month, Avid isn't leaving you out in the cold. This deal extends to anyone who has registered a Pro Tools | Carbon from July 1st until when the deal ends on December 31st.

To make life easier and answer any questions you may have about this promo, we're tackling them below with some help from Avid. 

1. Pro Tools | Carbon comes with a Pro Tools annual subscription. Do I get the Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual license instead of this or do I get both?

Good question and we have a great answer for you. You get both! When taking advantage of this promo, you'll receive the Pro Tools annual subscription that comes with the interface and the Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual license.

2. Can I use the Pro Tools annual subscription before my free year of Pro Tools | Ultimate?

Absolutely! There is no ticking clock associated with your free Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual license once it is deposited in your MyAvid account. You can access this software whenever and the Update and Support plan for the new perpetual license won't start until you've activated it on the Products Not Yet Download page.

3. Do I get to keep Pro Tools | Ultimate forever, even after the included Annual Update and Support plan expires?

Yes! Perpetual licenses remain active in your account forever. And when you activate your Perpetual license, an Annual Update and Support plan kicks in, which gives you all new releases for a full year. At the end of the annual term, you can choose to renew your support plan or let it expire. If you let it expire, you’ll keep your Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual license along with the most recent version you downloaded and installed - forever.

4. With a Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual license, will I have access to Pro Tools Inner Circle rewards, HEAT analog console modeling, and the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle?
Pro Tools Inner Circle rewards, HEAT, and the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle are included with Pro Tools subscriptions exclusively. They are not included with Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual licenses. You can enjoy them for the full year of your included subscription, but will lose access to these rewards and plug-ins should you choose to let your annual subscription expire.

If you're interested in learning more about the Pro Tools | Carbon, you can watch our extensive demo and interview with Avid's Director of Product Management François Quereuil below.

Bill LearnedIf you'd like to take advantage of this Avid Pro Tools | Carbon offer or have any questions about the interface, we're here to help. Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.