Apogee has just unveiled Duet 3 ($599), the latest generation of the widely popular desktop interface that set a new industry standard for recording professionally at home or on the go. The Duet 3 interface builds on the key aspects that made the original a hit, while introducing software that enhances control of channel FX and basic input controls.

In 2007, the first Apogee Duet entered the market as the new industry standard in the realm of home and mobile recording. The Duet 3 keeps the series alive in a new low-profile design, featuring studio-grade preamps, legendary AD/DA conversion and onboard hardware DSP. Pairing the Apogee Duet 3 with the new Duet Dock ($149) creates a whole new desktop experience.

Apogee Duet 3 has two inputs and four outputs, plus two world-class preamps for getting professional recordings at home or on the go. Monitor your mixes through two line-level analog outputs or use the headphone output for a dedicated headphone mix. Through the dual preamps, you can capture a pristine sound without worrying about distortion or excess noise; they’re specially designed to record even the most demanding sound sources. Duet 3 includes on-board hardware DSP featuring a unique ECS Channel Strip, developed by Bob Clearmountain. Choose from a professional collection of EQ, Compression and Saturation controls to build the ideal channel strip for any instrument or vocal. The ECS Channel Strip includes presets custom crafted by the legendary mixer so you can dial in a pro recording sound instantly. The Apogee Duet 3 includes additional software to enhance its low-latency FX processing capabilities. The Apogee Control software gives you complete control of all Duet functions and features, including the Symphony ECS Channel Strip FX running on Duet’s hardware DSP. The Apogee FX plugin will allow you to tweak input channels directly from your DAW - gain, phantom power, and monitor level. You can also control and Print FX from the Symphony ECS Channel Strip.
Sound quality aside, you can’t ignore the Duet 3’s stunning modern look. Its low-profile and underlit ergonomic knob are undeniably sleek. The body is built with a resilient, scratch-proof gorilla glass that is equally modern in aesthetics. Best of all, Duet 3 doesn’t take up any room, so it’s ideal for desktops as well as backpacks. The all-new Duet Breakout cable has been redesigned with streamlined connectors and a longer reach that can easily tuck away, so you won’t need to worry about cluttering up your workspace. Apogee's Duet 3 can be equipped with the Duet Dock (sold separately) to experience a more tactile recording experience in the studio. The Dock angles the Duet 3 for easy access to meter controls and improved visibility. The rear panel connectors on Duet Dock make it easier to organize and connect your cables to Duet. With solid I/O, pristine recording quality and flexible FX processing, the Duet 3 can easily become a central piece of your workflow.
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