For nearly 20 years, Trinnov Audio has been helping studios, post-production facilities and even cinemas optimize their sonic performance. How are they achieving this? By offering powerful room calibration and correction systems that ensure your monitors and room are offering an accurate representation of your audio output.

In this Buyer's Guide, we'll take a closer look at how Trinnov Audio’s versatile hardware and innovative software can help improve your workflow. No matter whether you're working out of a large-scale commercial facility or a home studio, there is a solution from Trinnov that will fit your needs and keep your clients happy with your work.

Trinnov Audio Technology

Well before today's immersive audio formats were conceived, Trinnov Audio was researching high-spatial-resolution audio at the world-renowned IRCAM research institute in Paris.

Most people understand that time-aligning speakers is important, but time-aligning frequencies is also essential for improving sound staging and transient reproduction. While passive acoustic treatment can certainly help to create a more uniform frequency response, it does nothing to time-align frequencies.

In 2003, Trinnov redefined audio calibration standards with their groundbreaking "acoustic optimization" technology called "The Optimizer." Using Trinnov’s custom 3D Microphone to localize speakers and capture sound in three dimensions, The Optimizer captures acoustic information and performs time and frequency analysis to better understand and characterize the behavior of the speakers in the room—including the phase response, group delay, and impulse response of each speaker

Historically, AV decoding, processing and operating were handled using multiple specialized devices. Trinnov streamlined this process with a unique hardware platform built around a multi-core Intel processor and custom OS operating system. Now, all functions are handled by a single Intel multi-core processor, which provides better results faster.

The software also includes Trinnov’s patented Remapping technology, which builds a detailed, three-dimensional map of precisely where your speakers are located in the room. The Optimizer then analyzes the performance of your system and makes recommendations on where to place your speakers for optimum performance.

All of Trinnov's speaker management systems include The Optimizer room calibration and correction software, as well as a variety of routing options to seamlessly integrate with any setup. Now that you understand the innovative technology behind Trinnov processors, let's take a look at the differences between each of the different models.

Trinnov Audio Hardware & Software

Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer

The ST2 Pro Optimizer is Trinnov's four-channel room calibration and speaker management system. Complete with four XLR inputs, four XLR outputs, and two channels of AES/EDU I/O, the ST2 Pro is the perfect solution for producers, musicians and engineers who want to achieve professional sound in home studios without breaking the bank.

With a dedicated World Clock I/O and optional GPIO extension board, the ST2 integrates seamlessly with all of the equipment in your studio. Ideal for mixing, mastering, post-production and broadcast facilities, the ST2 Pro Optimizer makes it easy to optimize two or four-speaker systems in the following configurations:

2 speakers set
2 two-ways speakers set
2.1 system
2.2 system
3.1 system
LCRS system
Quad system

Trinnov MC Pro Monitor Controller and Processor

The MC Pro line of speaker management systems are available in 8, 12 and 16-channel models, and cover the needs of small post-production houses, from 5.1 to 9.1.6. Additionally, the MC-HCC Pro series of processors are available in a variety of configurations (including analog, AES/EBU, Dante, Ravenna/AES67 and MADI) for use in theatrical dubbing stages and research labs.

The Trinnov MC12 Processor features 12 AES/EBU I/O via DB25, 12 balanced inputs via DB25, 12 balanced outputs via DB25 and/or XLR. Designed for mixing film and television, the MC12 Processor includes an extensive set of innovative monitoring features, from room correction processing to loudness metering.

In addition to hosting Trinnov's legendary Optimizer technology, the MC Processor also acts as a dedicated monitor controller. The MC Processor can be extended with the optional SmartMeter software, which provides reliable quality control with a comprehensive metering toolkit that includes Loudness and True Peak metering, PPM, QPPM, vectorscope, correlation meters and a surround analyzer.

The MC-Pro offers extensive EUCON compatibility and full integration with AVID control surfaces, including the S6, S4, S3, as well as Icon D-Command & D-Control. The Trinnov App acts as a gateway between EUCON and Trinnov protocols, letting you control all parameters of your processor from your AVID control surface.

Trinnov D-Mon Optimizer

The Trinnov D-MON Optimizer is a digital monitoring controller with Eucon support for Pro Tools, tailor-made for 5.1 rooms and post-production work. Available in six, eight and 12-channel configurations, the EUCON-enabled D-MON processor supports stereo, 5.1, 7.1 or even 7.1.4 setups.

The D-MON 6 offers up to 16 channels of digital I/O, a switchable eight-channel digital Insert to connect external processing and eight assignable analog inputs, making it easy to integrate into any setup. Tired of using X-Mon? D-Mon offers MIDI, headphone output, talk-back inputs wired just like the famous ICON control surfaces so you can seamlessly switch without missing a beat.

Much like the MC Pro series, D-MON offers extensive EUCON compatibility, full integration with AVID control surfaces and remote control via the Trinnov App.

Trinnov Audio Accessories

In addition to cutting-edge speaker management systems, Trinnov also offers a number of useful accessories that streamline your workflow in the studio. One of the most important aspects of room correction software is to ensure you're working with an accurate measurement. That's where the Trinnov 3D Microphone comes in. Equipped with four custom capsules in an innovative tetrahedron configuration, the Trinnov 3D measurement microphone delivers precise tridimensional speaker localization and loudspeaker remapping.

What would a speaker management system be without a volume knob? The Trinnov La Remote Monitor Controller is a USB-powered monitor controller with a dimmable LCD display, and a sturdy, multi-function dial for level control. The volume knob also features magnet technology for smooth performance, stepped controls for mastering, and an ergonomic design that fits in the palm of your hand. Best of all, you can customize the Trinnov Monitor Controller to suit your specific workflow. Personalize your controls using an easy drag n drop web interface with seven fully assignable buttons and an unlimited number of layers.

Last, but not least, Trinnov offers an external touch screen monitor (available in 8", 10" and 12.1"). This monitor connects directly to the Optimizer of your choice and allows you to control the unit from your mixing position.

How Can The Optimizer Be Used In Different Studio Applications?

Trinnov calibration systems are used in more than 7,000 high-performance installations across 55 countries, including some of the world’s most advanced professional music and film studios for production, mixing, and playback. From pro studios like Ocean Sound to world-renowned engineers like Pete Lyman, Trinnov speaker management systems can enhance every aspect of your project—whether you’re tracking, mixing, mastering or even working in post-production.

In professional recording studios, the Optimizer helps you get the right sound faster. It can also help you save money on expensive acoustic treatment that only solves a portion of the problem. By calibrating your monitoring system, you can finally trust what's coming out of your speakers. You can make more informed decisions while tracking and mixing. You no longer have to check your mixes on multiple systems because you know exactly how the sound will translate, which results in fewer recalls and revisions.

In mastering studios, the Optimizer allows you to achieve unparalleled sonic precision. It eliminates phase issues and allows you to hear the details of what you're working on. It provides a strong center phantom center with wide stereo imaging and impressive depth. Perhaps best of all, it makes it easy to monitor from a range of different sources, which can be useful when referencing other mixes or preparing tracks for distribution.

Finally, the Optimizer is an almost essential tool for post-production professionals. Used daily by many of the world's top cinemas and post-production houses, The Optimizer is the only system that can accurately measure and optimize multi-speaker systems in immersive formats like 9.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos. No other speaker management system produces theatre-grade results throughout the entire production process.

So, whether you're looking to level up your recording studio, deliver precision results in your mastering studio, or streamline your post-production workflow, Trinnov speaker management systems are the gold standard when it comes to sonic excellence.

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